33Across attracts $13M for social data leveraging tools

Every brand wants to leverage all the data across the Web to better build their services

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July 19, 2012
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With more than a billion users across the globe, 33Across's social interest graphing tools have just landed a new $13.1 million round. This VC funding was led by new investor Pelion Ventures, with continued investments from existing investors Flybridge Capital, Greycroft Partners, First Round Capital, iNovia Capital, Panorama Capital, QED Investors, Metamorphic Ventures, and Great Oaks Ventures. This brings the total amount of venture funding raised by the company to more than $26 million.

33Across has been experiencing exceptional growth since launching in 2008 -- with revenue growing more than 468% -- and expectations of revenue growth doubling or griping each year going forward.

33Across’s uses its technology and tools in order to leverage how individuals and the networks around them react to what is read, purchased, shared, and recommended in real-time. 

Unlike some of their competitors, 33Across makes sure that the data that they are scouring from across the Web is anonymous and not tied to specific profiles or people.

Companies have been focusing on the big data and social data that is floating out there and can help them better understand the conversations about they brand and the demographic that they want to reach.

33Across works with a lot of big brands, but they especially have created tools for five big verticals: automotive, consumer package goods, entertainment marketers, finance, and retail. 

I caught up with 33Across CEO Eric Wheeler to chat about the growth that his company is seeing and just how brands are using the data his company compiles to their advantage.

“There is a high amount of content social data that informs brands on directions they can take,” said Wheeler.  “And harnessing this big data can transform digital marketing and publishing for the brands, marketing, sales and advertising teams." 

33Across processes tens of thousands of anonymous social engagement, influence, and interest actions that surround marketer and publisher brands each second. 

33Across' customers include VISA, British Airways, and Jones New York.  

Just about six months ago, 33Across bought the online publishing tool company Tynt.

Tynt is responsible for the embedded text and links that appear when you copy and paste portions of an article into a word document (Often appearing with an added: Read more - and a long hyperlink behind it.)

One of Tynt's products, Tracer offers an analytics feature giving the exact number of words copied during the selected period of time.  It incorporates engaging features like word clouds to emphasize the top copied words.

33Across acquired all of Tynt’s assets including technology, patents and filings, analytics, and toolsets and Wheeler explained that the company and its tools have been completely integrated into the 33Across system, which brings on board a slew of publishers and their content.

Because of this Tynt acquisition, the company is now serving 600,000 publishers to help them understand their social influence and drive improved SEO, better inbound links, premium publishers love it because it helps them track where their content is.

From this funding, 33Across is gearing up to launch more tools, products and grow its international reach beyond the impact it has built in the UK and Brazil.


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