News Bites and Activity from select startups and entrepreneurs on Vator

Chuck Pettis just added investments in: BriteHub, Infospace and MakerBot
Chuck Pettis just filled out investment critera.
Chuck Pettis just added BriteHub as an investment.
Chuck Pettis confirmed BriteHub as an investment.
TaskRabbit was featured in a article: "Amazon wants to be your professional service provider"
Amazon launches Home Services, giving users access to services like yoga classes and car maintenance Read more
Naveen Jain became a competition judge for the Vator Splash Oakland 2015 competition.
Sarah Geromini filled out investment critera.
Robert Nathanson said "Here is a video Cayley and I put together for your viewing, enjoy! "
Anthony Pollard shared lessons about entrepreneurship.
Anthony Pollard was added as a founder of OpenTreatment