Mark Evans

Mark Evans

Sonoma, California, United States
Member since August 01, 2007
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2001 University of California, Davis , BS

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Mark Evans

Managing Director

Converge Labs, LLC

I identify market opportunities and build value around them, dedicating myself relentlessly to connecting the right people to the right ideas and deriving tangible, winning business outcomes.

For the past 12 years, I've provided skilled and practical guidance as a market researcher, analyst, business development professional and entrepreneur, serving as founder and Managing Director of Converge Labs and Bancroft Group, LLC.

Clients include: Rackspace, Microsoft Advertising, ATT Interactive, Hewlett Packard, Mashery, CityGrid (Citysearch), ATK (Aerospace), Localeze, and more.

Converge specializes in assembling big brands, agencies, investors and entrepreneurs in new technologies, launching the highly successful Geo-Loco Conferences in 2010. Events that focus on the business perspectives of new tech and markets, i.e., monetization, challenges, and opportunities, and bringing buyers and sellers together.

Bancroft is a market intelligence firm assisting executives and business teams track their competitive, industry and market landscapes. Bancroft delivers customized market intelligence reports (Dossiers) to clients ranging from tech giants like Hewlett Packard to aerospace and defense companies (ATK), and to consumer product companies including Xango.

I served as President of the San Francisco American Marketing Association and, prior to starting Bancroft, was Director of Sales and Business Analysis for Business Design Corp.(BDC), developing and implementing new growth strategies for both BDC and its clients.

To sum up what I do professionally, I build and manage relationships and have a deep passion for doing it; relationships are the engine that power and drive business.


Connecting people, and as Paul Grahm says, being "relentlessly resourceful".