How to PR your way out of the downturn

Mark Evans · August 14, 2009 · Short URL:

What are the key communications challenges & opportunities facing businesses today?

I recently caught up with Tony Hynes, Sr. V.P. of Bite Communications, to get his take on how companies should be handling their communications efforts in light of the current downturn and explosion of popularity around social media. 

Tony sees the current challenges and opportunities on the business landscape in two distinct pieces.

- Biggest challenge: Global economy. The downturn presents massive challenges to companies big and small, that we know. It's how we embrace this challenge that matters. Now is the time, Tony said, for intense focus on a company's core value proposition and market positioning.  

- Biggest opportunity: (also challenge) Social media. From a communication perspective, social media is a game changer for how companies communicate. "It's no longer sufficient to just write a press release; a one dimensional push communications approach."

Tony offers up three pieces of advice for companies seeking information on how to create powerful communications plans.

1. Focus on creating a compelling market proposition.

2. Don't fear social media. Understand it as an important tool to carry your proposition and core corporate messages forward.

3. Use tools to measure your success. This could be click-throughs to how you're perceived online and offline against the competition.

Bottom line: make your sure your communications goals match your business goals. 

Listen in as I ask Tony to elaborate on the current state of communications (PR) and marketing.





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