Putting social media into perspective

Mark Evans · April 3, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/7d1

Mark Silva explains why social media is not one thing, it's many things.

Social media has opened up the flood gates of opportunities for marketers and companies far and wide, but with that come many challenges too.

As Mark Silva, Co-founder and Managing Director of Real Branding (a digital marketing agency) explains, "the biggest challenge for companies RB works with (big corps in cpg, entertainment, tech) is that social media isn't one thing, it's many things.

As a result, companies are getting advice from a lot of different fields and with this we're seeing a "funging of marketing disciplines, like: pr, digital, traditional advertising, and media all coming together" claiming ownership of the social media space."

Mark's view of the social media space is to understand the challenges, think beyond a particular marketing discipline, look at the whole of the landscape and see its various channels, like: video, photos, social networking, twittering, blogging, as well as identifying "certain endemic channels that may not be obvious, and approach them from a content and consumer perspective."

Listen in as Mark discusses the many faces of social media. 

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