Verificient wins Vator Splash SF!

Steven Loeb · October 2, 2013 · Short URL:

Congrats to SweatGuru for winning the People's Choice Award!

The ballots are in! They have all been counted and recounted, and we have a winner for this year's Vator Splash SF!

It's Verificient!

Verificient is a New York City-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) firm specializing in scalable continuous identity verification solutions through machine learning and biometrics. It works with institutions and corporations in a variety of industries and verticals who are looking for automated solutions for verifying the identity of end users.

The company delivers the world’s only proctor-less identity verification system for online test taking. Its patent pending technology was first developed for the TSA to detect facial patterns and anomalies.

With 500 million tests given a year, and only 60 million of them proctored, there is a big opportunity for a company like Verificent to offer a low-cost solution.

Verificient is raising $1.5 million, and already has 40% of that amount committed.


We should also say congrats to SweatGuru for winning the People's Choice Award. 


SweatGuru is the first marketplace that brings people together around fitness classes and experiences.By allowing anyone to organize, discover, book and share fitness classes online, SweatGuru takes the work out of working out.

The company also helps small and medium-size fitness businesses get online and be more successful. By offering the first easy to use, affordable tools for marketing, scheduling, payments and staying in touch with clients, SweatGuru allows fitness professionals to spend more of their time teaching, and less time behind a desk.

There is a lot of opportunity in the fitness space: over $500M a year is spent on software alone. 

The company has 3,000 brand ambassadors already and has raised $500,000 in funding.

And a thank you to all of our other participants!

Temnos offers scalable content intelligence services on a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model.

In essence, users send content (documents or URL’s) to Temnos' API and they give the customer back metadata or metacontent for each item of content that was processed by theplatform. Armed with this information, users will gain insight into what their pages are about, which pieces of content are most relevant to each other (and why), and the various ways that pages can be characterized or re-packaged to their benefit.



Whitetruffle is one of the fastest growing disruptive tech recruiting platforms on the web. With over 2,000 employers and more than 30,000 software developer and creative professional candidates in the network, it uses a proprietary technology to match qualified candidates to job openings.

It helps employers cut down their time to source talent and directly introduce them to qualified candidates who are willing to speak with them.  Since the Beta launch in late 2011, several hundred companies like Eventbrite, Pebble, Asana, TaskRabbit, and more have hired using Whitetruffle. 


eShares eliminates paper stock certificates and options by replacing them with a fully electronic workflow for the issuance, signing, and acceptance of shares and options. It will also provide sophisticated cap table management tools and other financial services.

The eShares Certificates product are given to companies that issue new shares to employees, investors, and other shareholders. Additionally  the company is partnering with banks who pay it to access the companies and employees that need to transact on their shares and options during liquidity events.


GetAFive is a video-base course review for high school students taking Advanced Placement courses.

The company offers about a dozen hours of video-based review, practice quizzes, and full length practice exams. The core product is free for teachers and students, and we fill a void by offering a robust tool geared to our most promising students. 

The content is tailored directly to the AP syllabus for each class put out by the College Board.


PandaDoc is a tablet and web-based app that allows you to Send, Track, Negotiate and Sign Documents on the go, fast and easy.

We've all been there: you’re trying to close a deal, you’re fumbling with your paperwork, trying to negotiate back and forth over email, the phone, in person. The disorganization distracts from the clients’ needs. Then, you’re left waiting while they’re downloading, printing, signing, scanning, losing versions, losing your mind while tackling disorganized old-school filing systems. You waste so much time that your client starts to rethink.

PandaDoc works to solve that problem.

Traveling Spoon is an online marketplace that connects travelers with vetted, authentic food experiences, from cooking class to homemade meals, in people’s homes around the world.

It provides travelers with meaningful experiences and cultural exchange, and local hosts the opportunity to interact with foreign travelers while making an income.

Traveling Spoon has developed exclusive contracts with its channel partners, including tour operators and experience aggregators. 


FindIt connects multiple Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts and searches across all of them at the same time. It takes the complexity of an advanced search and makes it natural and touch friendly so anyone can do it, even using a phone.

FindIt is the first to innovate on the actual process of search to make it work on a phone. The problem isn't the technology of search, but the experience of search. We understand the problems with the experience of search on a mobile device and have a solution with a UI and UX that makes the experience of search natural and touch friendly.


Collegefeed is a new social platform that acts like a personal career assistant to help students and new grads land their dream jobs. Employers use Collegefeed to brand themselves more effectively to students and find the perfect candidate for entry-level positions. Companies use Collegefeed to find the right candidates without spending the time and resources needed to canvass dozens of campuses.

With Collegefeed, companies get a branded presence to help increase mindshare with students, to reach more campuses and showcase alumni, and to select specific students they want to interview or hire. Students have already made connections, secured interviews, jobs, internships and financial awards with companies like YouTube, eBay, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Saavn, Adroll and many more.

What did they win?

The winners will get a one-hour sit-down meetings with Javelin Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Freestyle Capital, August Capital and more as well as in-kind services and products from Grant Thornton and Apple.

All of the top 10 finalists receive services from Rackspace and Backops, plus a bottle of Bread and Butter Wines.


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