eShares, Inc.

eShares, Inc.
We electronically issue and manage equity shares and options for private companies.
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

eShares eliminates paper stock certificates and options by replacing them with a fully electronic workflow for the issuance, signing, and acceptance of shares and options. We also will provide sophisticated cap table management tools and other financial services.

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Business model

We give our eShares Certificates product to companies that issue new shares to employees, investors, and other shareholders. We plan to charge companies a fee for issuing and securely storing stock options, as well as for advanced cap table management tools and financial services. Additionally we are partnering with banks who pay us to access the companies and employees that need to transact on their shares and options during liquidity events.

Competitive advantage

We  are  different  because  we  are  solving  the  paper  problem  first.  Our thesis  is  that  nobody  has  successfully  created  a  market  for  privately held  companies  precisely  because  of  the  paper  problem.  Without electronic  management  of  share  ownership,  there  cannot  be  a  liquid market  for  privately  held  shares.

Paul Willard
Partner at Subtraction Capital, investing in early stage enterprise software companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Paul Willard
Partner at Subtraction Capital, investing in early stage enterprise software companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Salt Lake City.
Rich Chen
International Daddy of Mystery. Investor.
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