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Company description

Collegefeed is a new social platform that acts like a personal career assistant to help students and new grads land their dream jobs. Employers use Collegefeed to brand themselves more effectively to students and find the perfect candidate for entry-level positions.

For a college student or new grad, getting that first job is as painful today as it was 20 years ago. Even despite all the changes in technology that *should* make it simpler, like social media, real-time technologies, crowd-sourcing, etc. Collegefeed brings together all the resources students need whether that is online data or real-life networking into one free platform. And since it’s a social media site, it’s delivered in a user-friendly way that the millennial generation is not only familiar with, but actually has come to expect.


Companies use Collegefeed to find the right candidates without spending the time and resources needed to canvass dozens of campuses. With Collegefeed, companies get a branded presence to help increase mindshare with students, to reach more campuses and showcase alumni, and to select specific students they want to interview or hire. Students have already made connections, secured interviews, jobs, internships and financial awards with companies like YouTube, eBay, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Saavn, Adroll and many more.



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Business model
  • Free for students and Universities
  • Companies pay a subscription fee to access and engage college talent, a branding fee to brand themselves best in campuses, and custom vetting services.

We already have several big paying customers!

Competitive advantage
  1. A strong and mature executive team with multiple prior startup successes
  2. Vast employer network in multiple industries
  3. Access to impeccable career counsellors, coaches and recruiting professionals
  4. Proven technical team with decades of product development experience
Dinesh Katiyar
Before joining Accel India, Dinesh was Vice President at Citrix, where he managed a suite of cloud and virtualization products. At Accel, he focuses on early stage cross-border (U.S./India) companies, in such areas as technology, Internet, and mob...
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S-Cubed Capital - Unconfirmed