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Whitetruffle is one of the fastest growing disruptive tech recruiting platforms on the web. With over 2,000 employers and more than 30,000 software developer and creative professional candidates in the network, it uses a proprietary technology to match qualified candidates to job openings. We help employers cut down their time to source talent and directly introduce them to qualified candidates who are willing to speak with them.  Since the Beta launch in late 2011, several hundred companies like Eventbrite, Pebble, Asana, TaskRabbit, and more have hired using Whitetruffle.   

Whitetruffle’s name stems from white truffle hunting, drawing similarities between candidate sourcing and the hunt for that gourmand “jewel”, the white truffle, buried deep within forests in Europe. 

Established in 2011, Whitetruffle is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, California.  For more information and to register, visit www.whitetruffle.com. 

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Business model

Whitetruffle is free for both candidates and companies. If a company wants to hire faster at volume, they can upgrade to one of our paid packages that provides them with tools and features to meet their goals.

Whitetruffle works with the startup community, and VCs like Sequoia Capital, Shasta Ventures, First Round Capital, Greylock Partners, Andreesen Horwitz, NEA, Interwest, etc. to help their porfolio companies grow faster.  We also partner with the recruiting eco-system and our own candidates for referrals to bring in qualified candidates with desired backgrounds.


[The Problem]  Recruiting is Broken

It's time to fix it so companies can grow faster and innovations can happen. It's been too hard to find the right talent, or the right job with the tradiional recruiting tools like job boards and databases.

[The Opportunity]  Fill the Huge Gap in the Marketplace

  • $16 Billion revenue for 2013 is estimated for the recruiting/employment marketplace
  • There are 3.7 Million job openings in the U.S. (Sep. 2013, Associated Press)


[The Fix]   A Better Experience that Users Want = Whitetruffle

Instead of diggng for candidates or jobs, what if your dream job or dream candidate could be delivered to you directly? Straight to your in-box so that you're in control?

By overlaying technology to recruiting intelligence, Whitetruffle invented a new way to source candidates and find jobs so that our users can go beyond their network to seek new opportunities. Our matching algorithm screens more than 50 categories of signals to find the best match for each job. Matches are directly deliverd to the users (candidates, companies) so they can easily pass or accept and stay in control. Once both sides accept the match, they are introduced with their private contact information to so they can get the ball roliing.

  • Since launch in late 2011, several hundred tech companies like Eventbrite, Pebble, Asana, TaskRabbit, and more have hired software developers and creative professionals using Whitetruffle.  
  • We have over 2,000 employers and 30,000 candidates in our Whitetruffle network.


[Customer Testimonials: Pebble, Eventbrite]

"Whitetruffle has been instrumental in connecting us to plenty of qualified candidates quickly, which resulted in a hire that is now an integral part of our team. We continue to use Whitetruffle with confidence, and would recommend it to any founder who is looking to grow their team."

Eric Migicovsky, Founder & CEO, Pebble

"As a fast growing global company, Eventbrite is hiring aggressively to outpace the large demand of our platform and service around the world. Whitetruffle has proved to be a valuable partner by helping us go beyond our networks, and consistently providing a pipeline of highly qualified candidates."

Greg Stock, Sr. Manager of Tech Recruiting, Eventbrite




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Competitive advantage
Top 3 Competitive Advantages
  • Easy: Never dig for candidates or jobs and waste your precious time. Never get spammed by recruiters. All matches are delivered directly to the user's in-box for instant review.
  • Relevant: Our proprietary matching algorithm makes sure to deliver the most relevant matches, so you don't have to look for the needle in the haystack.
  • Fast: For companies, we deliver qualified talent that's engaged and wants to speak to you. For candidates, you can easily go beyond your network quickly to find cool opportunities and get introduced directly to the hiring source.

Questions & Answers

Q) Why was Whitetruffle born?

A) The sourcing phase in recruiting takes too much time and the experience is terrible for both companies and candidates. It's too hard to identify and get the attention of the right candidate, let alone be able to speak with them.  

For candidates, they are either spammed with unwanted solicitations, or don't have the right tools to easily discover great opportunities they can be part of. Unless they are networked into the company of interest, it's hard for them to be directly connected to the hiring source. We felt there was a huge opportunity to improve the experience by bringing more efficiency to the process through our approach of combining technology and recruiting intelligence, and applying some online "dating" mechanics.


Q) What's the mission (what are you trying to achieve)?

A) Connect everyone with the right career opportunity. We decided to start with the tech sector, and by focusing on creating a better experience, companies and candidates can effectively meet their right potential "mates" and start innovating on products faster.


Q) Why would I need Whitetruffle if I'm already using job boards, or other traditional recruiting tools?

A) The private contact information of the candidate is shared with the company only when both sides agree to the match, which reduces spam, making it a popular platform for sought-after candidates that are hard to engage through other recruiting tools or services.

Whitetruffle is a great complimentary tool to what you are already using, as most companies have a few roles they need to source for and need a volume of qualified candidates quickly. The ikelihood of hires happening all from the same source are rare. 


Q) Who is your target audience?

A) For employers, right now it is mostly for employers in the tech industry with jobs in the U.S.A. and U.K.  We primarily match software developers and creaitve professionals (UX/Design), and are testing the sales/marketing field.

For candidates, it's mainly college degree holders who have experience in software development, UX, and Design.


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