Location: 1039 Azalea Dr, Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 08/2013, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Michael Burke
Investment Firms: Hyde Park Venture Partners, Techstars, Polsky Holdings, Chicago Ventures
Short URL:
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Levi, Alex & Ben are energetic, confident, and most importantly, have a real vision. At 1871 in Chicago, we saw them in the office exceptionally early and working super late. They are moving quickly and impressing literally everyone they meet. We believe that mobile search needs to be fundamentally redefined and that this is the team to do so.



The first place you look
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States

FindIt is the easiest way to find emails and files across your cloud accounts using your smartphone.

FindIt takes the idea of a complex advanced search and makes it natural and touch friendly so anyone can do it.

FindIt shows you the people, timing, and information type so you can quickly hone in on what you want across all your cloud accounts.

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Company description

Searching for emails and files on your phone sucks! FindIt makes it easy and touch friendly.

FindIt will make your phone the first place you search for your information.

We are changing the way you search using your phone, making search across cloud applications visual and natural.

FindIt connects multiple Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts and searches across all of them at the same time.

FindIt takes the complexity of an advanced search and makes it natural and touch friendly so anyone can do it, even using a phone!

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  • Levi Belnap
    Levi Belnap | Founder
    Co-founder and CEO at FindIt working tirelessly to change the way people use their phone to find information. I work for pleasure. If I am not living passionately, I am not living.
  • Alex Pak
    Alex Pak | Team member
    Co-founder of FindIt, TechStars Chicago, HBS '13, lifelong tech geek, kayaker
  • Brandon Ramos
    Brandon Ramos | Team member
    Joined as a Co-Founder with FindIt after designing their iPhone app while at TechStars Chicago. Previously worked at Orbitz as a Mobile Designer, featured as Editors Choice & app Hall of Fame.
  • Benjamin Morrise
    Benjamin Morrise | Team member
    Senior Software Engineer with over 9 years experience developing enterprise software with small startups and large companies.
Business model

FindIt employs a freemium business model. Users can connect Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive for free. Users will pay a subscription to connect to Microsoft Exchange, Box,, and other business focused applications. 

Our target customer is a business professional who manages lots of relationships and has content spread across cloud applications. We are solving a problem that every consumer experiences from time to time, but for professionals finding information is a mission critical piece of their everyday life. Increasingly, the ability to find information on the go from a mobile device is a necessity. From our existing user base we see that searching email on a phone is the most common use case and the obvious pain point that resonates with users and leads to them downloading and using the FindIt app. However, a large percentage connects multiple accounts including Dropbox and Google Drive and use FindIt to search for files as well, but email search on the phone in a way that is visual and natural is the initial primary use case.

Our go to market strategy is to be the best solution for searching for email on your phone. To do this we have to support both the iOS and the Android platforms and the dominant email providers. We currently support iOS and Gmail. We are launching Android this coming week and we are building integration with Yahoo & Hotmail ( We will then use mobile app stores for iOS and Android as the primary points of distribution. Over time we will integrate with more business focused applications such as and use additional points of distribution like Salesforce's AppExchange. Samsung and Verizon approached us to discuss potential opportunities to work together and we have a meeting next week with Box. We believe there are lots of mutually beneficial opportunities to partner with other applications, platforms, and device manufacturers in our go to market approach.


Competitive advantage
The competitive landscape includes two different categories of companies. First, companies trying to do predictive search and surfance information you need based on content across your cloud accounts and your calendar. Cue is an example of a company working on predictive search. The other category is aggregated search across cloud accounts. Cloud Magic is a good example of a competitor working on aggregated cloud search on a mobile device. This later category is much closer to what we are doing. 
The idea of universal aggregated search is not new, but FindIt is the first to innovate on the actual process of search to make it work on a phone. The problem isn't the technology of search, but the experience of search. We understand the problems with the experience of search on a mobile device and have a solution with a UI and UX that makes the experience of search natural and touch friendly: 
  1. How FindIt is innovating on the process of search

    • Making search visual. We have taken the principle of complex advanced search and turned it into simple visual filters. FindIt shows you the people, timing, and information type so you can quickly hone in on what you want.

    • Making search touch friendly. You can start by typing in a keyword or just tapping any of the simple visual filters. Our iterative multi-faceted search technology presented in an intuitive visual interface makes it possible for anyone to search effectively.

    • Universal search. You don’t care where the email, image, or file you need is, you just need it now. We connect the accounts that matter to you so that you can easily search across them at the same time. 


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