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Company description

SweatGuru is the first marketplace that brings people together around fitness classes and experiences. By allowing anyone to organize, discover, book and share fitness classes online, SweatGuru takes the work out of working out. The company also helps small and medium-size fitness businesses get online and be more successful. By offering the first easy to use, affordable tools for marketing, scheduling, payments and staying in touch with clients, SweatGuru allows fitness professionals to spend more of their time teaching, and less time behind a desk.


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Business model

SweatGuru will be free for consumers, and offered as a competitively priced subscription for businesses. Subscription for businesses ranges from $19-99. Additional revenue will come from advertising, affiliate programs, lead generation tools, and corporate wellness programs.

Competitive advantage

The nearly 1 million fitness businesses in the United States need a simple, cost-effective way to manage class scheduling, revenue, and customer relationships. Currently, less than 1% of non-gym fitness businesses use software to manage and grow their businesses: the remainder rely on fractured, paper-based tools.

Low adoption of business management software reflects a gap in the marketplace: despite industry size and growth, innovation in the B2B fitness technology space has lagged, and existing competitors have been slow to respond to customer demands.

80% of consumers want to schedule fitness classes online, and currently rely on a combination of internet searches and Yelp to discover fitness classes. There is an opportunity to streamline this time-consuming discovery process in a way that benefits both consumers and businesses.

Currently, no product on the market offers both a front-end and backend solution for fitness businesses. Bringing those two sides together on the same platform not only helps grow the existing business but also helps bring in new market opportunities via new customers and new advertising streams.


There is a significant market opportunity for a comprehensive solution that addresses consumer and business needs on a single platform.