Sylvie Leotin

Sylvie Leotin

Sylvie Leotin is an entrepreneur, advisor, writer and polymath, with a unique approach to bridging the worlds of business, technology, arts and culture.

San Francisco, California, United States
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Stanford University , MS , Management Science

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Tech Atelier
If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

I want to change the world.

Where does the name Tech Atelier comes from?

Atelier means artist studio in French. Tech Atelier bridges my interests in art, technology and innovation.

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Sylvie Leotin is an entrepreneur, writer and polymath, with a unique approach to bridging the worlds of business, technology, the humanities and the arts. Trusted as a problem solver, creative thinker, and insightful strategist, she serves as consultant and advisor to innovative leaders and companies. A gold medal ballerina and computer scientist, Sylvie combines a unique breath and depth of expertise, with a keen eye for connecting the dots between people, issues and ideas.

Sylvie’s multifaceted career path crosses industries, fields, continents and cultures. Transitioning from ballet to robotics, she made her way from France to Silicon Valley. Sylvie was visiting scholar at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and has worked in a wide range of engineering, product, sales, marketing and communication roles at Oracle, Sun Microsystems and several startup companies. Driven by a lifelong thirst to understand the human condition, she is also a passionate of literature and philosophy.

As a strategy consultant, Sylvie brings her multidisciplinary acumen, cultural awareness and creative energy to help companies find unexpected insights and realize new growth opportunities. Blending modern business thinking with deep philosophical and scientific knowledge, she created a breakthrough model to help organizations discover the hidden needs of customers, and deliver experiences that deepen engagement and strengthen loyalty. 

A popular blogger and guest teacher, her articles have been published in numerous publications. Sylvie holds a Masters of Science in Engineering Economics Systems from Stanford University, a  Masters of Science in Computer Science from ENSIIE, and a gold medal in ballet from France’s national conservatory.