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LEO Innovation Lab invests $5.5 million in healthtech

Healthtech in the U.S. far exceeds advancements made in Europe, according to the CEO of LEO iLAB

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March 10, 2017
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LEO Innovation Lab, the innovation arm of LEO Pharma, this week announced a $5.5 million investment in five startups serving the healthtech sector. Specifically, the firm backs startups that help people achieve healthy skin:

  • Combinostics (Finland), provider of data-driven solutions to improve clinical diagnosis.
  • Pacifica (San Francisco), provider of Android, iOS, and web tools for alleviating stress and anxiety. Currently boasts 1.25 million registered users.
  • Remedly (San Francisco), provider of cloud-based software for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and med spas.
  • SkinVision (Holland), developer of an app that can analyze and track changes in moles and other skin conditions by using the smartphone's camera.
  • TalkLife (UK), an app and social network for young individuals to share personal struggles, give tips and encouragement, and more.

In this interview, we hear about the new investments from LEO iLab CEO Kristian Hart-Hansen, and we get his perspective on the difference between healthtech in U.S. versus Europe. Take a listen:

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