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Personalized medicine? We still have a long way to go

Rebecca Woodcock, EIR at 500 Startups, plays the realist when it comes to data-driven healthcare

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March 25, 2017
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Is personalized medicine overhyped? In a way, yes.

Near the end of Vator Splash Health, Wellness and Wearables, the classic panel of venture capitalists took the stage to share their overall thoughts on healthtech trends. Participants included moderator Patrick Chung (General Partner, Xfund) as well as panelists Rebecca Lynn (Partner, Canvas Ventures), Dave Schulte (Partner, McKesson Ventures), Michael Dixon (Partner, Sequoia Capital), and Rebecca Woodcock (Entrepreneur in Residence, 500 Startups).

Right after stepping off stage, Rebecca Woodcock joined me for a brief interview to continue the conversation.

We spoke of the overall trends in healthtech as well as her work at 500 Startups, but what stuck out most clearly was her realism about buzzy trends like personalized medicine. While she sees data-driven decisions and personalized medicine as obviously worthy goals, she makes clear that we have a long way to go. Listen in:

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