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Kristin Karaoglu · May 15, 2015 · Short URL:

Check out Adam Kuperman's presentation on stage and the judges' feedback

Vator Splash Oakland 2015 finalist BriteHub: Supply chain management tools to make your day more efficient. We are the trusted, safe, easy-to-use cloud based manufacturing application connecting buyers and suppliers in the product design and manufacturing space.

Here's a video of Adam Kuperman presenting at Vator Splash Oakland.

Among the judges were Erik Moore (Base Ventures), Paige Craig (Angel Investor), Maha Ibrahim (Canaan Partners), Noah Doyle (Javelin Venture Partners), Mike Walsh (Structure Capital), Tianxiang Zhuo (Karlin Ventures), Dave Samuel (Freestyle VC) and  Adam Smith (Bowery Capital).

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BriteHub’s current software establishes a foundation for healthy business procedures through effective internal and external collaboration management and real-time notifications. Our solution eliminates the back and forth emails and multiple versions of PDF’s that often leads to delays and mistakes during this crucial process. Our cutting edge and agile approach to development is not only a cost effective solution but adaptable and configurable as manufacturing grows. Our unique and easy-to-use workflow tools track the daily valuable data needed to have clear visibility into the strengths and weaknesses within internal teams and a network of suppliers. In addition, our web



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Dorian J. Ferlauto

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My journey into the tech world started with BRITEHUB. Coming out of a product development and manufacturing space I took the leap into creating a application to solve the many industry problems that are just now getting a lot of attention.

Adam Kuperman

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My passion is to grow community and engage individuals and businesses to perform better and maximize growth. I can build partnerships, manage products, improve sales and marketing, develop business, and strategically consult.