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Mitos Suson · April 8, 2016 · Short URL:

Check out Leonard Hinton's presentation on stage and the judges' feedback

Vator Splash Health 2016 cohort CrediyoCrediyo leverages big data and analytics to lower consumer out of pocket medical expenses. We work directly with patients to educate them on their financial responsibility, and work with medical practices to increase their collections and improve cash flow. 

Among the judges were Camille Samuels (Partner, Venrock), Risa Stack (Partner, GE Ventures), Nancy Brown (Partner, Oak HC/FT), Mark Goldstein (Managing Partner, Efficient Capacity).

Thanks to our main sponsors KPMGJavelin Venture PartnersSAP Startup FocusBread and Butter WineArtis CoffeeScrubbedStratpoint and Healthiest.

Editor's Note: Our annual Vator Splash Spring 2016 conference is around the corner on May 12, 2016 at the historic Scottish Rite Center in Oakland. Speakers include Nigel Eccles (CEO & Co-founder, FanDuelAndy Dunn (CEO, Bonobos), Libby Schaaf (Mayor, City of Oakland), Mitch KaporFounder, Kapor Center for Social Impact), Oisin Hanrahan (Co-Founder & CEO, Handy), and more. Join us! REGISTER HERE.

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Crediyo helps patients pay for their out of pocket medical expenses (e.g. their deductible) by giving them access to completely customized, low interest credit products at the point of service. Additionally, Crediyo pre-funds healthcare providers on behalf of their patients, giving medical practices immediate access to cash flow. Crediyo’s analytics platform allows medical practices to identify and evaluate all patients’ propensity to pay- even those with limited credit histories. Overall, Crediyo creates a retail-like pricing, billing, and credit experience at the point of service, where prices are transparent, patients are rewarded with discounts for positive repayment behavior, and providers collect more.


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