Dave Samuel

Dave Samuel

David Samuel is a seasoned entrepreneur, internet pioneer and enabling investor.

Website: freestyle.vc
San Francisco, California, United States
Accredited investor
Member since July 10, 2012
I am a seasoned entrepreneur, Internet pioneer and enabling investor. Quote_down
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Type of investor Incubator
Typical investment size $500k - $1M
Typical investments in a year 12
Investments partners Josh Felser
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Credentials Accredited Investor
Investments made BackType, Chartbeat, CardPool, 9GAG, Impermium, Formspring, SimpleGeo, Ridejoy, Yobongo, GoInstant, Chute, Get Satisfaction, CrowdFlower, Typekit, Smile by Webshots, Kidlandia, CoTweet, Recurly, Rixty, Byliner, Indextank, StyleTrek, Seesaw, SnappyTv, Sprint.ly, Veri, PicCollage, Sing.ly, TextNow, Mr Number, Altly, Object Labs

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David Samuel is a seasoned entrepreneur, internet pioneer and enabling investor.  Currently co-founder of Freestyle Capital, a seed-stage investment firm with a portfolio currently numbering 36+ strong with 10 exits, David was previously founder/CEO of Spinner.com, the largest web 1.0 music streaming service (acquired by AOL in 1999 for $320MM), and founder/President of Crackle.com, a web 2.0 video platform (acquired by Sony in 2006 for $65MM). A 6.1 MIT graduate, David’s technical background and ability to assemble strong, talented, happy teams has resulted in the creation of a number of transformational B2C products, through both his direct management and via his entrepreneur-centric investment style.

Angel investments and exits:

9GAG (funded)
AdStage (funded)
Altly (funded)
BackType (acquired by Twitter)
Byliner (funded)
CardPool (acquired by BlackHawk Network)
Chartbeat (funded)
Chute (funded)
CoTweet (acquired by ExactTarget)
CrowdFlower (funded)
Formspring (funded)
Get Satisfaction (funded)
GoInstant (acquired by Salesforce $76M )
Impermium (funded)
Indextank (acquired by LinkedIn)
Kidlandia (funded)
Mr Number (funded)
ObjectLabs (funded)
PicCollage (funded)
Recurly (funded)
Ridejoy (funded)
Rixty (funded)
Seesaw (funded)
SimpleGeo (acquired by Urban Airship $15 M)
Sing.ly (funded)
Smile by Webshots (acquired by American Greetings $45M)
SnappyTV (funded)
Sprint.ly (funded)
StyleTrek (funded)
TextNow (funded)
Typekit (acquired by Adobe Systems)
Veri (funded)
Yobongo (acquired by Mixbook)