Evernote updates Windows 8 app with redesigned homepage

Steven Loeb · March 27, 2013 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/2e66

New features include shortcuts, better tags, checked boxes, notestacks, and document search

Evernote has been on a huge expansion kick lately, entering into 26 new European markets and partnering up with Deutsche Telekom to get an even bigger foothold. The object is, of course, to gain as many new customers as possible. And who can fault the company for that? But Evernote is also making sure to note that is not forgotten about its existing users.

The company released a major update for its app for Windows Phone app Wednesday, debuting a slew of new features and revonations,including a redesigned homepage, shortcuts, better tags and document search.

The new homepage is designed to be  faster and more accessible, with links to note creation, search and shortcuts (which are another new feature that Evernote has added). It also now allows users to get their account information by tapping on their username at the top of the screen.

"When you launch Evernote, you often have a purpose in mind: you’re either looking to create a note or find an existing one," Andrew Sinkov, head of marketing at Evernote, wrote in a blogpost. "That’s why we’re excited about the redesigned Home Screen, which gives you quick access to everything you need."

Shortcuts are notes that users can save to their homepages, simply by holding a tap on a note and then selection “add to shortcuts.”

"One very cool aspect of shortcuts is that they sync across platforms. Today, shortcuts are available on Mac, Android and Windows Phone. Any shortcuts that you create on one platform will also appear on the others," said Sinkov.

Evernote also revamped its Tag List, making it more compact so that users can see more tags per screen. It also now allows for searching through tags by letter. 

Evernote also added Notebook Stacks, a way to visually group similar notebooks, and checkboxes for to-do lists, which can be check and unchecked while in a note.

One big feature that is now available to all Windows 8 users is Document Search, which is a Premium feature, which will allow users to search documents, presentations and spreadsheets attached to their notes in Evernote that were created in Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice.

"This is a major update to our Windows Phone version. We’ve added lots of features, redesigned various parts of the app and made everything smoother, faster and more responsive," said Sinkov.

Evernote was founded by Libin in 2008. Since then the founded the Redwood City-based company has raised nearly $251 million, including a $70 million Series D round of funding at a $1 billion valuation in May 2012.

In April 2011, Libin told Vator CEO Bambi Francisco that Evernote was generating $1 million a month, a number that Libin recently said has doubled or tripled since then. For the past four years, Evernote has seen its revenue triple year-to-year.

(Image source: https://blog.evernote.com)

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