The New York Times signs up for Flipboard deal

Krystal Peak · June 25, 2012 · Short URL:

Flipboard becomes the first app to provide premium The New York Times content

Flipboard has finally secured a major, premium publisher to give it full access to its content: The New York Times. 

When the content goes live of Flipboards iPhone, iPad and Android apps, it will mark the first time that premium New York Times content will be on a third-party app.

Until now, you could read the New York Times on the web site or by using its own iOS and Android apps. 

This announcement also means that the NYT could be seeing a spike in its subscription base, since Flipboard users can see a small amount of content without subscribing and may be enticed to pay the monthly NYT fee to get its content in the viewing stunning Flipboard layouts.

If the Flipboard apps generates revenue for the New York Times, Flipboard will get a piece of the action, thus helping to monetize the young startup that debuted just two years ago. 

Back in January, Flipboard stated that it experienced 8 million downloads for its iOS apps and just last week the company finally released its Android version. 

Now, users on both mobile systems can expect NYT content by June 28.

So, while this addition may not be a big deal to those that already have a subscription to the NYT and like to use the parent apps, it could be a great way to introduce more people to mobile reading of the NYT and provide those that use Flipboard a more fulfilling experience so that they have a one-stop-shop experience, rather than toggling from app to app for their daily reads. 

Other recent additions to Flipboard

Roughly a month ago, Flipboard debuted an official Android beta and limited preloaded app test with the Samsung Galaxy III and it looks like it was a thumbs up now that everyone can use the social reader.

There was a great deal of demand for Flipboard to get onto the Android system and the company saw more than half a million downloads during its beta phase. 

"People are amazed by all the things they can see on Flipboard, and often the most personal and interesting stories come from friends," said Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard, in a statement. "We have over 2000 featured content partners from around the world and, now with the addition of Google+ and YouTube, we have all of the popular social networks for our readers to sit back and enjoy."

Also, by adding YouTube as an integrated partner, readers can watch videos from people they follow and channels they subscribe to, check-out the videos they've uploaded or browse videos they added to their "Favorite." YouTube users can also view, comment, like, share and subscribe to new people or channels right from Flipboard.

Flipboard is also releasing fully localized editions of Flipboard for Germany, Korea, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. Flipboard is already localized in Japan, France, China and English-speaking countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Localized versions for more of Asia and Latin America are also on Flipboard's to accomplish list.

The company is also currently at work to create Pinterest integration. 


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