Media buyers get a new tool from Vitrue for social ads

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Vitrue allows agency partners to make ad buys based on social media metrics in real time

Vitrue, a social enterprise software, today Thursday that it is launching a media partner program for marketers that want a service to maintain existing relationships with ad management solution providers. This new service is currently being utilized by Involved MediaMarin SoftwareNanigansOptimalSocialCode,Spruce Media and Unified.  

Those interested in the new system can log into Vitrue’s cloud-based SRM platform and look over their brand’s Facebook post data and metrics, as well as collaborate and communicate between community managers and media buyers to multi-task within one system. 

It is within the MPP service that managers OF participating brands would have the ability to flag posts that receive high engagement and immediately message media buyers to turn them into Sponsored Story ads on Facebook -- thus gaining high engagement and then quickly act to leverage that interaction thread. 

Media buyers will also integrate numerous Facebook engagement metrics across paid, owned and earned content to present a comprehensive social snapshot.

With eMarketer predicting that advertisers worldwide will spend $7.7 billion in 2012 on social advertising, growing nearly 50% from last year’s $5.2 billion, the desire to use this platform effectively has never been more center-stage. 

Facebook continues to dominate the world, but often companies need a service to help give them perspective on how effective each post, ad, and other interaction is so that they can collaborate with their team to create more similar content.

“Adding collaborative workflow and insights from Vitrue’s Page Management into our platform is another important step in our ongoing mission to provide the online advertising industry’s most comprehensive and transparent media buying and campaign management platform,” said Rob Jewell, founder and CEO, Spruce Media, said in a statement." This integrated solution ties together the impact of earned and owned media with our proprietary technology for buying and targeting paid media and empowers customers.” 

The company is charging an additional fee for clients to join the partner program, but the company didn’t disclose how much. Vitrue competitor Buddy Media recently introduced its own paid media service called BuyBuddy, built on social ad technology acquired through its purchase of Brighter Option -- another Facebook Ads API partner -- earlier this year.

Back in March, Facebook extended its Sponsored Story ads to its mobile properties and debuted new ad products like Reach Generator to help boost revenue in advance of its initial public offering set for next week, but as the S-1 update yesterday reported, the results have not been so rosy. So Facebook and brands are all looking for the best way to impliment their ads to get the most Facebook users' eyes on their content.

Having the ability for media buyers to spot items just as they are gaining traction and bumping them up to a featured ad might be a great starting point for most medium to large business.

The Vitrue SRM platform currently includes access to the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube -- as well as emerging platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram through a singule interface. 

So far, the Vitrue SRM has collectively managed more than one billion social relationships in over 100 countries across more than 4,500 social accounts for its clients and hopes that this new service will build the width of content people can learn from and access.

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Twitter is an online information network that allows anyone with an account to post 140 character messages, called tweets. It is free to sign up. Users then follow other accounts which they are interested in, and view the tweets of everyone they follow in their "timeline." Most Twitter accounts are public, where one does not need to approve a request to follow, or need to follow back. This makes Twitter a powerful "one to many" broadcast platform where individuals, companies or organizations can reach millions of followers with a single message. Twitter is accessible from, our mobile website, SMS, our mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, our iPad application, or 3rd party clients built by outside developers using our API. Twitter accounts can also be private, where the owner must approve follower requests. 

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How do you make money from Twitter?

There are a few ways that Twitter makes money. We have licensing deals in place with Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft's Bing to give them access to the "firehose" - a stream of tweets so that they can more easily incorporate those tweets into their search results.

In Summer 2010, we launched our Promoted Tweets product. Promoted Tweets are a special kind of tweet which appear at the top of search results within, if a company has bid on that keyword. Unlike search results in search engines, Promoted Tweets are normal tweets from a business, so they are as interactive as any other tweet - you can @reply, favorite or retweet a Promoted Tweet. 

At the same time, we launched Promoted Trends, where companies can place a trend (clearly marked Promoted) within Twitter's Trending Topics. These are especially effective for upcoming launches, like a movie or album release.

Lastly, we started a Twitter account called @earlybird where we partner with other companies to provide users with a special, short-term deal. For example, we partnered with Virgin America for a special day of fares on that were only accessible through the link in the @earlybird tweet.


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We continue to focus on building a product that provides value for users. 

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