Vatorx2 News Bites

Another Chinese guitar lesson video has just been added to our profile. The first one is in a YouTube link below. They are fun to watch, even for English speakers! on January 26
harold alvik
harold alvik at 04:39pm January 26
A student of PSGW beginner with chords
We've just filmed some excellent Chinese lessons that we are hoping to market in China once we set up the business infrastructure. For now, they can be viewed on YouTube. on January 26
Lately, we are building out our clawhammer guitar section in our Technique Library. We've decided to focus on the Techniques to build our subscription service. Come check out some freebies to see if it's your style! on November 30
Bambi Francisco Roizen
Bambi Francisco Roizen at 08:08am December 01
good timing. I've been looking for a place to study guitar