Easy Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons for All Ages
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Company description

RhythmStrummer.com is the only all acoustic simple strumming site for casual guitar learners who want to make music right away. Full featured free video lessons allow the users to try before they buy. Available lessons include individual song lessons and basic techniques across multiple genres. Teachers are entertaining, encourage singing, and include lots of repetition so students can play along. No annoying advertising will get in the way of the user experience. Artists taught include Beatles, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, and more. 

Business model

RhythmStrummer.com sells access to streaming video acoustic guitar lessons with monthly subscriptions. Prices are low based on the goal of high user numbers. 

Competitive advantage

RhythmStrummer.com is the only guitar lesson website that focuses on simple strumming versions of hit songs where the students and teachers sing along. It's all acoustic, and the videos are meant to be fun and engaging.