Stephen G. Barr

Stephen G. Barr

Author, Syndicated Columnist, Editor In-Chief and Group Publisher at SGB Media Group. Founder & Executive Director at Startup Hive incubator, Founder & Chairman at Boardroom Advisory Services

Palm Desert, California, United States
Accredited investor
Member since July 05, 2010
I am an experienced c-level executive with over 30 years direct experience at the helm of numerous startup companies and advising and assisting dozens of other startups gain traction and succeed. Quote_down
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Investments made American Residential Appraisers Inc., CrowdPad
Advisory positions Brivas Labs
1981 Monroe Community College AA - Marketing
2009 The Center For Progressive Leadership Political Leadership Fellow

I am a(n):

Business Catalyst, Web Developer, Social Media Pioneer, Mentor, Adviser, Angel, Publisher

Companies I've founded or co-founded:
SGB Media Group, Golden Seeds, Axiel Research Group Ltd, American Residential Appraisers Inc., Vintage Bass Trading Co., Erotomania Productions & Management, Boardroom Advisory Services, Startup Hive
Companies I work or worked for:
Axiel Research Group Ltd, Golden Seeds, talentPOD, SelfSelfless, Giveclicks, SGB Media Group
Achievements (products built, personal awards won):

American Residential Appraisers Inc. acquired by Coldwell Banker Commercial in 1996
CrowdPad acquired in 2015 by Private Trust

If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

I can't work within traditional boundaries and must work on my own schedule. I work best in startup situations (alpha & beta stages) and thrive on the building process but lose interest in ongoing administrative duties.

My favorite startups:

Arkyane, Groubal, talentPOD, Golden Seeds Game Company, Inc, Spill, The Startup Review Journal

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

Most frustrating for me is the lack of forward thinkers who exhibit contempt prior to investigation of anything new. The most rewarding part is explaining ideas or concepts to these types and seeing the light go on when they get it. This is a rare occurrence but when I do get a shared vision with someone very innovative things generally happen. It is my joy to assist others in bringing their ideas to fruition.

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs/innovators make?

Putting all eggs in one basket by building their business around one product or one customer. I learned that one the hard way at Axial Research Group by having Norstar Bank as 85-90% of my client base. Upper management change resulted in a shift in alliances and Axiel lost the account and couldn't survive and wound up in bankruptcy. I've learned my lessons the hard way over the past 35 years.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

To diversify and allow for one project to pay for another.

To collaborate with others and watch competition in both directions but mainly I keep a keen eye on early adopters down the ladder from me.

That I may never achieve the notoriety or success I seek. It never has been a monetary motivated situation for me but rather a burning desire to achieve personal excellence and to gain the esteem of my peers whomever they are.

What industries are you interested in investing in or innovating in?

Publishing, digital media, gaming, social media and community management within the nonprofit, progressive political, fine arts and urban development/real estate industries.

My avocation and hobby is graphic design, website development and branding/logo creation.

I also have a lifelong appreciation for historic building preservation & renovation and am a fan of 19th & 20th century architecture.


Social Network Development ( Expert , 10 years experience )
Public Speaking ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Strategic Planning ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Blogging ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Fiscal Planning ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Project Management ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Editing ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Event Planning & Production ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Talent Management ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Digital Media Publishing ( Advanced , 6 years experience )
Affiliate Marketing ( Advanced , 6 years experience )
Non-Profit Consulting ( Intermediate , 3 years experience )
Sex Educator ( Intermediate , 5 years experience )
Media production ( Beginner , 1 year experience )
Feature Writing ( Advanced , 10 years experience )
Videographer ( Intermediate , 20 years experience )
Photography ( Advanced , 20 years experience )
Bassist ( Intermediate , 20 years experience )
Feasibility Studies ( Advanced , 20 years experience )
Niche Marketing ( Advanced , 7 years experience )
Computer Graphics ( Intermediate , 3 years experience )
Social Media ( Expert , 10 years experience )
Online PR ( Expert , 10 years experience )
Corporate Blogging ( Advanced , 7 years experience )
Blog Marketing ( Expert , 10 years experience )
Social Branding ( Advanced , 7 years experience )
Alternative Media ( Advanced , 7 years experience )
Sexuality Education ( Intermediate , 3 years experience )
Sexual Health ( Intermediate , 3 years experience )
Intimacy ( Intermediate , 3 years experience )
Online Dating ( Advanced , 7 years experience )
Op-eds ( Beginner , 1 year experience )
Coalition Development ( Intermediate , 3 years experience )
Strategic Partnerships ( Advanced , 20 years experience )
Startup Consulting ( Advanced , 10 years experience)
E-commerce Consulting ( Advanced , 10 years experience )
Blog Management ( Advanced , 7 years experience )
Executive Management ( Advanced , 20 years experience )
Social Networking ( Expert , 10 years experience )
Social Bookmarking ( Expert , 7 years experience )
Website Monetization ( Expert , 10 years experience)
Online Communities ( Expert , 14 years experience )
Social Software ( Intermediate , 7 years experience )
Trendwatching ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Press Events ( Expert , 20 years experience )
Legislative Relations ( Intermediate , 5 years experience )
Online Advocacy ( Advanced , 10 years experience )
Political Campaigns ( Advanced , 20 years experience )
Mind Mapping ( Intermediate , 5 years experience )
Social Media Development ( Expert , 7 years experience )

What entrepreneurs do you most admire and why?

Sir Richard Branson for having the courage to explore the limits and having fun doing so. Donald Trump for having the courage of his convictions and always speaking his mind. Mark Cuban for knowing what questions to ask and asking them.

Advice For Younger Folk

Walk into any room like you own it and you will.

Full bio

Startup adviser, author, editor & publisher of 40 syndicated, digital publications utilizing multiple digital distribution channels in conjunction with launching and administrating national advertising campaigns for major Fortune 500 advertisers in partnership with Google, Ning, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, Commission Junction, DoubleClick, LinkShare, AvantLink, Share A Sale, PepperJam and other industry leading third party affiliate networks. 

An advocate and thought leader in the burgeoning crowd funding industry and publisher of The Crowdfunding Times™, The Crowdfunding Daily News™, The Startup Review Journal™, The Affiliate Marketing Publisher's Report™, Social Media Observer ™, The Social Media Marketing Report™ and more (see below).

Senior product development team member and advisory board member from conception to public Beta launch on over a dozen start ups. A trusted strategic alliance facilitator and start up adviser and mentor within the political, nonprofit, fine arts and real estate markets having worked on dozens of local, state and federal political campaigns and legislative initiatives in NY, AZ & CA since 1979. In 2009 he completed a fellowship in political leadership and nonprofit administration at The Center For Progressive Leadership, a national civic training institute that develops diverse leaders who can effectively advance progressive political and policy change.

Internationally recognized expert and widely read social media columnist on The Examiner, Associated Content,, Social Media Today, Wellsphere Network, Technorati, VentureBeat, eFactor and company owned sites covering numerous topical verticals and published and cross syndicated on the full range of current platforms. Curator of the "Niche Social Network Development" board on and the "Social Media Group" on

Specialties:Public relations, real estate, startups, affiliate marketing, digital publishing, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, coworking, retailing, advertising, website & online forum development, niche social network development, community management, blogging, email campaigns, affiliate/performance marketing, search optimization, branding and identity, site location, event production & promotion and non-profit fund raising.