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Stephen G. Barr · January 5, 2011 · Short URL:

Want to be part of a startup with IPO/Sellout in the future

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Social Media Director at Start Up
Want to be part of a startup with IPO/Sellout in the future
Veteran marketing executive (25+ yrs), pioneering social network developer (10+ yrs), senior editorial staff (print & digital), feature business & entertainment writer (15+ yrs), affiliate marketing (super affiliate 7+ yrs) seeks a C-Level position at a fast track start up. You build it and I'll promote it. I'm a bulldog on a pork chop, a Tenderlion strip show barker. I'm the Herb Tarlic you coder geek Les Nessman's need to get your widget off the ground. I've gone toe to toe with the best of them and was cold calling door to door before you were born most likely and I ain't dead yet. I want one last 5 year run with a parachute at the other end so I can retire to some South American beach with a manual typewriter to write my memoirs. You need a mouthpiece? I'm your man!

Open to any and all offers internationally provided I get a piece of the pie and a seat at the table or no deal.


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Stephen G. Barr

Author, Syndicated Columnist, Editor In-Chief and Group Publisher at SGB Media Group. Founder & Executive Director at Startup Hive incubator, Founder & Chairman at Boardroom Advisory Services

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