James Sanders

James Sanders

I was born in Oakland, CA, on April 4, 1987. I attended Las Plumas High School, in Oroville, CA. My wife and I were married in December 2009. We have two beautiful girls. I currently work at Graphic Packaging, in Oroville, as a Department Lead.

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Oroville, CA, United States
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I am a Christian, husband, and father. I love my family, and work hard to support them. I'm working on turning my passion (writing) into a career. Quote_down
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I was born in Oakland, CA, on April 4, 1987.  The elementary and middle schools I attended, were in Tracy, CA.  After moving to Bangor, CA, in 2001, I attended Las Plumas High School.  I graduated in 2005.  My wife and I were married in December 2009.  We have two wonderful girls, who are aged 8 and 4.  I began working for Sierra Pacific Packaging, as a general laborer, in 2009.  After 4 months, I was hired to a full time position, as a machine operator.  In 2011, the company I worked for was acquired by Graphic Packaging International, Inc.  I was promoted to Department Lead in January of 2013, which is my current position.  While I am very appreciative of the opportunities afforded to me by the company I work for, I have recently embarked on developing my writing skills, which is and has been a true passion of mine.  My hope is to eventually be able to transition completely away from the daily grind of my current field, and start down a new career path, as a writer.