Michael Ostendorff

Michael Ostendorff

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Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
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VC Experts provides specialized content on private equity & venture capital fundraising, valuation & deal term details on thousands of privately funded companies, and analytics for managing & modeling private company capital structures. Thousands of investment professionals, attorneys, accountants, consultants and entrepreneurs from around the world rely upon VC Experts daily to provide them with a one-stop competitive research solution.

Valuation & Deal Term Database

Our searchable database of U.S. venture funded companies gives unique behind-the-scenes details on the terms & conditions of a company's financing transaction, as well as estimates of the post-money valuations. By utilizing regulatory filings, VC Experts is able to provide hard data that enables individuals to negotiate term sheets, valuations, source deals, price new transactions and more. Discover more about the Valuation & Deal Term Database.

Private Company Analysis Tool

Venture capital, private equity and angel investors can use this on-line tool to model financing and exit events with a confidence they never had before. Entrepreneurs can use it to negotiate term sheets with a clear understanding of how each term affects their payout at exit time. And investment bankers, lawyers and accountants can use it to advise their clients on how to structure deals based on a quantitative analysis of likely outcomes. Discover more about the Private Company Analysis Tool.

The Encyclopedia of Private Equity and Venture Capital

Whether you are a fund manager, limited partner, entrepreneur, investment banker, lawyer, or accountant, the Encyclopedia of Private Equity & Venture Capital is the place to go for salient and up-to-date commentary on issues and trends in private equity and venture capital investing and fund management. Whatever your question, you'll find the answer here. Discover more about the The Encyclopedia of Private Equity and Venture Capital.

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