Mayo Clinic partners with Hologram Sciences on Precision Nutrition Platform

Steven Loeb · January 3, 2024 · Short URL:

The platform will include a predictive analytics capability to identify potential health risks

Only 12.3% of Americans get enough fruit daily, and only 10% get enough vegetable servings, and the problem is only getting worse: 44.2 million people lived in households that had difficulty getting enough food to feed everyone in 2022, up from 33.8 million people in 2021.

People need help getting proper nutrition and that's what Hologram Sciences provides, combining science, AI technology, and habit building to create personalized nutrition solutions.

Now the company is looking to get smarter about giving its users the right information, and so it has announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic on Wednesday for the development of the Precision Nutrition Platform.

Combining the Mayo Clinic’s protocols and expertise with Hologram’s personalized nutrition infrastructure, the Precision Nutrition Platform will be deploy in clinical settings, and will include a predictive analytics capability so it can identify potential health risks based on dietary patterns and suggest preventive measures directly to patients, allowing for more proactive interventions.

Patients will be able to use the Precision Nutrition Platform to receive customized coaching and feedback, as well as get access to an interactive interface to foster community engagement and provide on-demand access to Registered Dietitians.

Meanwhile, physicians can closely monitor their patients’ adherence. The system will also alert physicians and clinical staff if direct intervention is needed. 

The platform will initially focus on bariatric and gastrointestinal surgeries, cases where nutrient absorption is critical, supporting patients through pre-surgery preparation and then a two-year post-surgery recovery process, offering personalized dietary plans, guidance, and monitoring.

“Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic is a significant stride in leveraging our technology to personalize patient care," Ian Brady, CEO of Hologram Sciences, said in a statement.

"The Precision Nutrition Platform’s goal is to build on our extensive technical capabilities and human insights collected over eight years to meet the intricate nutritional requirements of patients undergoing surgical procedures, ensuring a more successful recovery and long-term wellness.” 

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