Vator Splash Startup Finalists/Winners


Healthiest and Kangarootime have won Vator Splash LA!

Congrats to Kanga Technology who has taken home the People's Choice award!

Innovation series by Steven Loeb
October 15, 2015
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The ballots are in! They have all been counted and recounted, and we have two winners for this year's Vator Splash LA are... Kangarootime and Healthiest!


Kangarootime provides childcare professionals with technology that automates payments, child 'check-in' & 'check-out', milestone tracking and streamline communication.

Families use Kangarootime to make payments, connect directly to their child's care profile, and manage schedules. It connects childcare professionals to the families they serve.

Its revenue engine automates every payment and issues statements to the parent with alerts. Kangaroo time's 'sign-in' and 'sign-out' functionality authenticates the demanding chain of custody standards in each state. Finally, we automate reporting & analytics.

Presenting was Scott Wayman, Founder and CEO.

Healthiest, Inc.

Healthiest is your natural medicine cabinet. It is are the definitive, natural, integrative and alternative health resource, empowering consumers with information and connecting them to treatments, remedies, products, and health practices.

It has partnered with honest and transparent vendors to curate the highest quality natural products that support organic, fair-trade, sustainable practices in eco-friendly packaging whenever possible. Our medical practitioner panel is involved throughout the process to ensure that our content and resources are current and accurate. Each bundled Solution contains a selection of all-natural remedies to help users build the Healthiest medicine cabinet in their home.

Presenting was Crystal Brown, CEO & Founder.

We should also say congrats to Kanga Technology for winning the People's Choice Award!

Kanga Technology

Kanga Technology develops enterprise software to solve the challenges of last-mile, same-day, and on-demand delivery of physical goods. Its software powers crowd-sourced local deliveries, and provides Fortune 500 clients with a white-label friendly solution to answer their enterprise B2B/B2C challenges.

Its turnkey solution is helping clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to better serve their customers' growing demands for same-day local delivery. Current pilots include a major Airline (mishandled baggage and lost & found), a Fortune 500 pulp and paper company (replenishment of paper products and dispensers), a global hotelier, and many more.

Presenting was Everett Steele, CEO and Founder.

And a big thank you to all the other startups that presented for us today:


8/omakase is amen's clothing retailer who members receive a gift experience consisting of eight curated packages of custom tailored and on trend styles a year.

The company delivers powerful first impressions when entering a boardroom and seductive winks when walking across a bar.  The proven benefits of tailored clothing ranges from increased self confidence to higher salaries. 8/omakase makes accessible to the masses, what was formerly available to the upper class.

Presenters were Mike Won, Founder and COO and Bert Song, Co-Founder and CEO.

Sweep Inc.

Sweep helps users get ahead of your bills, expenses and savings goals so you never have to budget again.

Unlike other finance apps, Sweep offer a complete forward-looking view into a user's cash flow and makes it easy to take control of their money, grow savings and spend confidently.

Presenting was Jackson Gates, CEO.


Fitly, the creator of SmartPlate, is a two-time Digital Health award winner, University City Science Center-backed and DreamIt Health alumni, with a proven track record for vetted, technological innovation.

SmartPlate's patent-pending technology deploys advanced object recognition and load sensors to identify and weigh food within seconds. its automatic tracking system provides the accountability and personalization needed for lifestyle & disease management.

Its successful KickStarter campaign generated over $110,000 in revenue from the sale of more than 750 units in 15 countries. Since then, Fitly has been growing over 65% month-over-month in pre-sales.

Presenting was Anthony Ortiz, Founder & CEO.

Authorea is a platform to write research in collaboration. It brings scholarly writing to the web, making authoring of technical articles as easy as writing a blog post.

Authorea is built on a robust underlying version control system (Git) allowing authors to write concurrently, locking portions of articles, tracking who is working on other portions, keeping a record of changes and undoing them at any time. Authors can also easily add citations, table, figures and mathematical notation, in addition to data-driven interactive plots.

Authorea's infrastructure allows authors to directly submit papers to a journal and publishers can host their peer review and editorial processes on the same platform where the article was written, greatly shortening the number of steps needed to get a paper published.

Presenting was Alberto Pepe, Founder.

Staffly, Inc.

Staffly provides retailers with screened, insured and trained Staffers by handlubg the time-consuming responsibilities of interviewing, background checks, training, payroll, workers’ comp, and taxes. Staffly Staffers are always ready to show up and work.

Retailers pay an hourly fee when they use our service that includes a profit margin to Staffly.  It  launched in March and have recognized triple digit growth month over month.  In the month of August, it had a 400%+ increase in hours worked by our Staffers reaching over 5,400 hours.

Presenting was Bjorn Ovick, Co-Founder & CEO.

The prizes

The winning companies get one-hour individual sit-down meetings with at least 10 top-notch VCs, including Arena Ventures, Baroda VenturesJavelin Venture Partners, Karlin Ventures, Mucker CapitalUpfront Ventures, Wavemaker Partners and many more.

Plus, the winners receive in-kind prizes worth around $40k, including a two-hour consultation with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and KPMG, $24k in annual services, courtesy Rackspace, a bottle of Bread & Butter wine; a Misfit Bolt; complimentary services, courtesy Scrubbed and Stratpoint, and more to come.  

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