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The Story:  

Men hate to shop.  When they do have to shop they are plagued with the burden of choice.  Which patterns are in style?  Which colors are on trend?  Which fit is best for me?  Straight leg, boot cut, tapered leg, skinny fit, extra trim fit, slim fit, trim fit, modern fit, regular fit, classic fit, traditional fit? 

To make things worse, standard sizing rarely offers the ideal fit.  Off-the-rack sizing is inconsistent from one brand to the next leading to a frustrating shopping experience. Let's not even go into the parking, crowds, and commute associated with shopping malls.

The only current alternative, when it comes to high fashion, is to go the tailored or bespoke route which the average Joe can't afford.

The Benefits:

8/Omakase members receive a gift experience consisting of 8 curated packages of custom tailored and on trend styles a year.  A $2500 value for $300 in quarterly dues.  

We delivers powerful first impressions when entering a boardroom and seductive winks when walking across a bar.  The proven benefits of tailored clothing ranges from increased self confidence to higher salaries.  We make accessible to the masses, what was formerly available to the upper class.  

Custom tailored styles, no hassle service, to your door.

The Concept:

8 - 8 curated, custom tailored packages per year

O·ma·ka·se - is a term often used in sushi restaurants where the customer entrusts the chef to serve as he sees best. It's an incredible experience that allows for the customer to explore new tastes, gives the chef creative license to be brilliant, and relieves the burden of choice away from the novice and onto the expert.

It's for the man who says - "You know what's on trend, you know my tailored measurements, I trust you, make it easy on me, go ahead and dress me."







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Business model

custom tailored men's clothes, no hassle service, to your door

taking the best from companies like Trunk Club, J.Hilburn, Five Four while leaving behind the complaints, members receive 8 curated packages of custom tailored and on trend styles a year, a $2500 value for $300 in quarterly dues.

Competitive advantage

we've identified an ideal business model that virtually eliminates all the traditional risks associated with fashion, and created a cash efficient service and product that delivers savings, convenience and value to the customer.

having done so three times (twice with continuity models, once in men's fashion), our team knows how to scale true hyper growth companies both on the marketing and operations side and build sound and stable companies for when hyperspeed gets bumpy.