Connecting childcare professionals with the families they serve.
Long Beach, California, United States United States
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Kangarootime helps Childcare professionals with a cloud-based mobile application that collects payments, automates 'check-in' and 'check-out' and streamlines communication. There are over 1 Million Daycare Centers, Family Childcare Homes & Early Childhood Education programs in the US and most lack technology infrastructure and business intelligence tools. Our platform leverages automation to manage collections, revenue cycle, center utilization, and regulatory adherence.

Childcare professionals struggle with collections, communication, regulatory reporting and attendance management. Our platform addresses each of these. The mobile ecosystem connects parents with the centers & establishes connectivity. Our revenue engine automates every payment from day 1, and issues statements to the parent with alerts. Our 'sign-in' and 'sign-out' functionality authenticates the demanding chain of custody standards in each state. Finally, we automate reporting & analytics.






Awards and Mentions
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    Founder Institute Graduate
    Graduate of Founder Institute Los Angeles, Winter 2014
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    Currently active in Buffalo New York's 43North Business contest. Is still one of the participating 110 Semi-Finalists our of 3,007 applicants.
  • Business model

    We automate the childcare business and become a revenue cycle management partner.  

    Competitive advantage

    Solving the Revenue Cycle

    We believe that the childcare business is due for reform and disruption. Our platform provides a pragmatic and scalable modality to standardize point of care efficiencies & leverage data for optimization.  We are the first vendor in the space to provide revenue cycle management services, and make our platform available with no upfront cost.


    Over the next 1 year, we will focus on building a beautiful product that implements frictionlessly in more than 1,000 Centers. We will optimize the product over the next 36 months in 25,000 Centers. 

    We are the first professional childcare software to deploy the 'parent application' and focus on parent-teacher connectivity.  

    Big Data and Reporting Automation

    Big Data. Our background in Healthcare has connected us to the importance of data and the opportunities to leverage it. We can build 100% of regulatory reporting into the natural workflows. We can create actionable intelligence and predictive analytics for better business intelligence, regulatory adherence, child to teacher ratio management and compliance. We are also working on automated regulatory reporting for each state and federal entity. This saves centers critical time and money.

    We will then connect centers nationally & create powerful data and analytics exchanges in early learning.

    Erik Rannala
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Mucker Capital