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Kristin Karaoglu · December 10, 2014 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/3ad5

Here are the #postseedconf 2014 pictures

The Post Seed conference, hosted by Vator, Bullpen, Venture51, is an annual VC conference focused on the gap, or fundraising process, between seed and later-stage rounds. This year's Post Seed event featured Peter Thiel, in conversation with Bambi Francisco (Vator), Keith Rabois (Khosla Ventures), in conversation with Paul Martino (Bullpen Capital), Chris Dixon (Andreessen Horowitz), in conversation with Cory Johnson (Bloomberg West TV), and Naval Ravikant (AngelList), in conversation with Semil Shah (Bullpen Capital).

Click through above, or go to our Flickr page. Post Seed 2014 Photo Reel.

Hosts were Paul Martino (Bullpen Capital), Semil Shah (Bullpen Capital), Bambi Francisco, Ryan Swagar (Venture51) and Brandon Zeuner (Venture51).

A big thank you to our Platinum sponsors: Silicon Legal Strategy and Rincon Venture Partners as well as our lunch sponsor - Wavemaker Partners, after-party sponsor - KPMG and our wine sponsor - Bread and Butter Wines!


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Vator, Inc.


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Vator (short for innovator) is an awesome professional network for entrepreneurs and investors that sits at the intersection of media and finance. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem consists of startups, investors, strategics and service providers.

Vator’s platform offers an extensive set of services to the entrepreneurial community.  Here is a quick summary of our suite of offerings:

VatorNews: Research, analysis and coverage, spanning news, thought leadership and lessons learned

VatorX: SaaS platform leveraged by startup communities and competitions to rank and filter participating startups

Vator Events: Well recognized large and small events across numerous geographies and sectors

Vator Investment Club: Our investor group for accredited investor members of the Vator community

Vator Teams: Our confidential acquihire platform for startup teams


Vator was originally founded by Bambi Francisco and seed funded by its original lead investor Peter Thiel as a social network for startups and investors, combining media coverage with rich profiles and filtering. Over the more than decade since its founding Vator has expanded to offer a full range of services to the entrepreneurial community. Today Vator is a well-recognized and trusted member of the startup community.

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Vator has a range of business models due to its diversified set of offerings.


Khosla Ventures

Angel group/VC

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Khosla Ventures offers venture assistance, strategic advice and capital to entrepreneurs. The firm helps entrepreneurs extend the potential of their ideas in both traditional venture areas like the Internet, computing, mobile, and silicon technology arenas but also supports breakthrough scientific work in clean technology areas such as bio-refineries for energy and bioplastics, solar, battery and other environmentally friendly technologies. Vinod was formerly a General Partner at Kleiner Perkins and founder of Sun Microsystems. Vinod has been labeled the #1 VC by Forbes and Fortune recently labeled him as one the nation's most influential ethanol advocates, noting "there are venture capitalists, and there's Vinod Khosla." Vinod Khosla founded the firm in 2004.


Angel group/VC

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venture51 is a seed- and early-stage venture fund built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.  We partner with the best founders who are forming at the earliest stages of the emerging Information Technology market. 

We like to add value by:

  • Investing directly in, and/or supporting syndicate deals in, early-stage, high growth, Information Technology startups.
  • Growing our startups through active participation and leveraging our professional network and operational expertise (product, marketing & distribution).
  • Staying connected to preeminent entrepreneurs and investors to ensure access to the best early-stage people flow, and, just as importantly, making these resources available to our startups when needed.
  • Building and bringing together best-in-class resources for product development, user experience design, customer-focused metrics, and online distribution, and fostering partnerships by creating an impressive and diverse network of mentors – whom we refer to as “Agile Advisors.”




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Bullpen Capital

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Bullpen Capital is second round investor who invests in companies previously seeded by the Super Angel funds.

Andreessen Horowitz

Angel group/VC

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Andreessen Horowitz is a $2.5 billion venture capital firm that was launched on July 6, 2009. Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, John O’Farrell, Scott Weiss, Jeff Jordan, and Peter Levine are the general partners of the firm.


Peter Thiel

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Managing Partner, Founders Fund

Semil Shah

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cory johnson

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Bambi Francisco Roizen

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Author of "Unequally Yoked"; Co-founder Vator and Invent Health; Former Columnist/correspondent Dow Jones MarketWatch; Business anchor CBS affiliate KPIX

Paul Martino

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Brandon Zeuner

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Co-founder @Venture51. Co-founded @Republic Project (acq. '13). Founding team @ Flypaper (acq. '11). Interact alum (makers of ACT! & SalesLogix). Advisor @ Tony Hawk Foundation

Naval Ravikant

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Ryan Swagar

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