Yahoo makes another startup purchase in Wander

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Wander is the company behind blogging app Days, deal reportedly worth around $10 million

Oh, Yahoo, will you ever stop buying startups? Seriously. That is a real question. Will you? Please? Honestly, this is starting to seem almost pathological. 

Ok, so here we go again: this time Yahoo has gone out and purchased Wander, the company behind blogging app Days, it was announced in a blog post put out by Wander on Tuesday.

The move seems most like an acqui-hire, as the team will joining Yahoo’s Mobile and Emerging Products group in New York  City. A Yahoo spokesperson has also confirmed to VatorNews that five members of the Wander team would be coming to work at the company.

While no financial terms of the deal have been disclosed, and the Yahoo spokesperson declined to comment, TechCrunch has pegged the deal as being upwards of $10 million. 

Founded in 2011, the New York City-based Wander says its mission has been "figuring out how to make content creation as habitual as content consumption."

That was the idea behind its diary app Days, which was launched in May of last year. It worked by having users take a ton of pictures throughout their day, of just simple normal occurrences, which could then by uploaded once a day.

When the photos were uploaded, they would then be connected to other photos of the same place, creating a "Wanderlog" of that location.

The app only allowed users to post an entire day’s worth of photos, once a day.

Days will continue to exist as a standalone entity. In addition the team said that it would "also be working on some exciting new projects that we can’t talk about just yet."

Wander raised $1.2 million in funding from NextView Ventures, SoftTech VC, SV Angel, Google Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Red Swan and TechStars in April 2012.

"We started our company with the vision of transforming daily habits, and we’re proud to be joining a new one that shares that mission," the company wrote.

The company fits in neatly with the other 37 that have been purchased under Marissa Mayer's watch. It is a young company, which has raised under $5 million and had only reached the seed stage. It is also headquartered in New York, which accounted for 13% of Yahoo's purchases.

This is Yahoo's sixth acquisition so far this year. 

The company also bought Aviate, a replacement Android home screen launcher, mobile marketing startup Sparq and virtual gaming company Cloud Party. Yahoo also bought enterprise app studio Tomfoolery and Incredible Labs, the company behind mobile personal assistant app Donna. 

Wander was not available for further comment on the purchase.

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