Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note III on September 4?

Faith Merino · August 5, 2013 · Short URL:

Samsung announces an unveiling event for "the next Galaxy"

There has been a lot of chatter about the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note III. How can Samsung top it? Will it be even bigger?? Will it have an even better S Pen?? The people have questions!

Don’t worry. Samsung has answers.

The tech giant has sent out invitations to the unveiling of “the next Galaxy” in Berlin on September 4. The event, dubbed “Unpacked,” will also be broadcast live in NYC’s Times Square and will be livestreamed on YouTube.

While the invitation doesn’t specify which Galaxy will be unveiled, Samsung is widely believed to be gearing up for the launch of its Galaxy Note III. And as AllThingsD’s Ina Fried noted, the handwritten style of the invitation seems to hint at the Galaxy Note III’s defining feature: the S Pen stylus.

Samsung unveiled the giant phablet at the IFA conference in Berlin last year. Samsung’s September 4 unveiling event happens to fall right before the IFA kickoff on September 6.

Rumors about the Galaxy Note III have been flying fast and furious for months. How do you top a smartphone whose signature characteristic is its enormous pocket-busting size? Duh, you make it bigger. While the original Note launched with a five-inch screen, the Note II came out with a 5.5-inch screen, and the Note III is rumored to have an even larger display. One rumor posits that the Note III will have a 5.7-inch display, while the Korea Times said back in December that suppliers had confirmed that the Note III would have a massive 6.3-inch display.

That’s effing huge--though still a hair smaller than Sony’s 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra. (Side note: my non-tech husband saw an Xperia Z Ultra for the first time the other day and he was totally baffled by it. He didn’t know if it was a phone or a tablet. Adorbs.) 

Last month, Korean news outlet ETNews reported that the Note III will actually come in four different variations, all to be launched at the same time.

The Note III is also expected to come with 3GB of RAM, compared to the Note II, which comes with 2GB.

Samsung is also believed to be planning an unveiling of their recently confirmed smartwatch at the event. If that’s indeed the case, Samsung will be getting a major headstart on competitors Apple and Google, both of whom are also said to be working on smartwatches.

While some have expressed doubt as to whether or not consumers would actually buy a smartwatch (because who wears a watch anymore? Old guys? Dogs dressed up as people on YouTube?), the average smartphone owner checks her phone 150 times a day, so the benefits of being able to get notifications that you can see without digging out your phone are clear. 


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