Apple tops 50B apps downloaded to date

Faith Merino · June 10, 2013 · Short URL:

There are 900,000 iOS apps altogether, up from 700,000 last October

At every WWDC event, Apple lists off a bunch of numbers to outline the general state of its business, and today’s event was no different. At the 24th WWDC event Monday morning, Apple threw out a bunch of numbers for everyone to chew on, including:


-6 million developers are now working with Apple, with some 1.5 million coming on board just in the last year alone.

-66 countries were represented among the developers at Monday’s WWDC event.

-60% were first-timers.

-$10 billion has been paid out to developers to date.  


-50 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store to date. That's up from 35 billion last October.

-There are now 900,000 iOS apps altogether. Last October, there were 700,000. 

-375,000 apps have been built exclusively for the iPad.


-The Mac’s install base has reached 72 million.

-The newest iMac is the number one desktop in the U.S.

-The Mac is the number one notebook in the U.S.

-The Mac business is growing at an annual rate of 15%.

-Mac sales are up 100% in the last five years, while PCs are up just 18%.

-28 million copies of Mountain Lion have been sold to date, making it the most successful of all time.

-35% of Mac users are using the latest version of Mountain Lion, compared to Windows 8 users, just 5% of whom are using the latest version.


-300 million iCloud accounts have been created to date, making it the fastest growing cloud service ever. By comparison it took Facebook five years to reach this many accounts.

-There are now 300 million users of iTunes in the cloud.

-The Game Center has 240 million users, and 60 of top 100 games integrate game center support right into their game.

-800 billion iMessages have been sent.

-Users have received 7.4 trillion push notifications altogether.


-600 million devices have been sold to date.

-iPhone users use their phone 50% more than Android users use their device.

-iPhone accounts for a 60% mobile Web share, which is 2.5x higher than Android.

-93% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS (iOS 6) while a full third of Android users are using an older OS version. 


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