Apple's numbers: 100M iPads sold to date

Faith Merino · October 23, 2012 · Short URL:

Apple sells 13M iPads this quarter and sees 200M devices running iOS 6

No Apple event is complete without number-dropping.  I kind of look forward to it.  Something about its regularity and predictability is soothing.

Today was no different.  Apple unveiled five new products today—the new iMac, the Mac Mini, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the fourth generation iPad, and the iPad Mini—and also dropped a few numbers. 

For example: In just under one month, there are now more than 200 million devices running iOS 6.  Tim Cook was not hesitant in giving Apple a big pat on the back.

“This is phenomenal—this is the fastest upgrade rate in software history that we’re aware of,” he said.

There are currently some 700,000 iOS apps in the app store, 275,000 of which are iPad apps.  “These are not stretched-out iPhone apps,” said Cook.  “They’ve been custom-designed to take advantage of iPad’s big beautiful canvass.”  Schiller would later echo this sentiment during his iPad Mini presentation, when he would compare the iPad Mini against other smallish Android tablets.

Customers have downloaded 35 billion apps from the App Store. 

Additionally, Cook announced that Apple has sold 100 million iPads to date.  To put this into perspective, last month, Apple announced that it had sold 87 million iPads altogether.  Thus, last quarter, Apple sold some 13 million iPads.

Cook mentioned that Apple sold more iPads in the June quarter than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC lineup.  Furthermore, 91% of all Web traffic from tablets comes from the iPad.

“You might ask, ‘so why is iPad so phenomenally successful?’  Well—it turns out, there’s a simple reason for this: people love their iPads,” said Cook.

Additionally, 94% of Fortune 500 companies are now testing or deploying iPad.  In the educational world, iPads are becoming increasingly popular.  Some 2,500 U.S. classrooms are currently using iBooks textbooks, which are available for 80% of the U.S. high school core curriculum.

Interestingly, Apple’s stock plummeted 3.26% Tuesday to $613 from yesterday’s close of $634.  Could it be because the iPad Mini comes with a higher price tag than most expected while also being devoid of the Retina display?  Possibly.  But Citi’s Mark Mahaney points out that it’s the December quarter numbers that matter, not the September quarter.  The September quarter numbers are all “temporal noise and not indicative of moderating growth.”


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