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Krystal Peak · January 10, 2012 · Short URL:

Personalizing search results may give the needed boost of distinction to help drive activity to G+

Google+ is continuing on the path to be inseparable from the popular search engine that people use everyday. Google announced Tuesday morning another measure to fold the new social network posts into Google search in order to provide a greater variety of content and some more personal search results. 

This means that Google+ circles, photos, posts, videos and more will appear in search results and, more importantly, will show the great perk that Google+ has over all other social networks.

Google calls this feature “Search Across Your World.” With roughly 63 million people on the social network, compared to the 800+ million on Facebook, Google+ has been honing specific areas that differentiate the service from Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.

Google is referring to this ability to search worldwide and within your social graph as the ability to tap into “your web.” 

Google Fellow and official Google blogger, Amit Singhal, posted some of the changes that those with Google and Google+ accounts will start seeing as they search using the service while signed into their account.

If a user types in a word such as "Cat," the Google results will return traditional Wikipedia, image and website results plus any posts that you and your circles have posted about cats.

Those Google+ posts, however, will only pop up if they were deemed "public." 

This blending of social media content and traditional search engine results does rely on the fact that people should be labeling and curating the content that they post and include in their Google+ stream.

As part of this promotion, Google+ has created a YouTube commercial to show just how deep the new integration and personalization is.

These commercials from Google have become very strong, memorable and emotional. Earlier this year and over the holidays, Google started airing promotions on broadcast television showing the perks of Google+



Three of the new features added are:

  1. Personal Results: Find information just for you, such as Google+ photos and posts. These results will show both your own posts and those shared specifically with you -- and only you will be able to see on your results page. 
  2. Profiles in Search: In autocomplete form and search results you can connect with others that have Google+ accounts.  
  3. People and Pages: When you search for a topic, the results will help you find people and brands with relevant Google+ profiles for you to fold into your circles.

Singhal shared on the Google blog just how people might see changes when they search for a word that holds several different meaning to them. 

"As a child, my favorite fruit was Chikoo, which is exceptionally sweet and tasty. A few years back when getting a family dog, we decided to name our sweet little puppy after my favorite fruit," Singal wrote. "Over the years we have privately shared many pictures of Chikoo (our dog) with our family. To me, the query [chikoo] means two very sweet and different things, and today’s improvements give me the magical experience of finding both the Chikoos I love, right in the results page."

Currently, no other social networks' content are included in the Google results so this is showing the great strength that Google+ could start flexing, especially when its big brother is the search engine for most of the Internet world.  

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