Kyte extends video platform to Boxee

Chris Caceres · April 8, 2010 · Short URL:

Could bring online video publishers closer to that ultimate destination - our living room TV's

Kyte, an online video platform, announced on Thursday it has extended its services to Boxee, a media player which is optimized for consuming all sorts of videos, photos, Twitter and whatever else you can think of on the big screen.

What this means for publishers is that their videos can now reach Boxee's player, which is focused on getting online video ultimately to television sets.

Boxee offers a pretty optimized way of viewing multimedia, whether it be from online sites or your own library, on your nice HDTV.  For the tech saavy who know how to get a computer connected to their flatscreen television, it's kind of a dream come true.  It's like your own on-demand setup, however you want, fully connected to the Web.  To top it off, Boxee has a set-top box on the way that will make it even easier to get the Web connected to TV's.  

Boxee also has an API which lets developers build apps to run on its media player.  For example, instead of going to Funny or Die to view what online videos they have to offer, there's an App on Boxee which lets users easily navigate these videos with an Apple remote or an iPhone, instead of with a mouse and keyboard.  

Kyte says its Boxee App Framework will provide publishers with an easy way to create these apps, so they can deliver their videos on Boxee.

It seems like each day that passes, watching TV shows on the Internet just feels more and more, well, normal.  Nielsen reports seem to prove this notion every month as online video consumption continues to rise.  But now that we have all this content on our laptop screens, when will it jump back onto our televisions?  Boxee is definitely helping that happen.

Kyte's been doing a good job at keeping up with this revolution by enabling its customers access to the multiple platforms and devices out there like iPhones, Android, Nokia, and most recently, the iPad as it supports HTML5.  The startup has some big name clients which include: ABC, Clear Channel, ESPN, Fox News, MTV, NBA and several others.

It's a good move for Kyte.  Both its main competitors, Ooyala and Brightcove, offer its clients extension onto Boxee's platform as well.

Kyte COO, Gannon Hall commented, "Boxee is fundamentally changing the way consumers experience television, providing a truly connected experience to not only view but to engage with media content.  Our support for Boxee is the first phase of a broader plan to support a range of emerging connected devices, giving our customers the ability to reach increasingly fragmented audiences.”  

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