Kyte on its way to Android and Nokia

Chris Caceres · November 11, 2009 · Short URL:

Online video provider making a smart move in the mobile video space

With mobile video consumption on the rise, Kyte is making some moves to keep everyone happy.

The online and mobile video platform, announced Wednesday it will be extending its reach to the Android and Nokia phones.  It's a good move for the company, given that Google just launched its mobile OS on the Droid, which is being reviewed as an excellent alternative to the iPhone.  Kyte already delivers video to the iPhone and BlackBerry and once it launches on these new mobile platforms, claims it will be the first online video platform (OVP) to deliver across four mobile platforms.  

It's not quite ready yet though.  Kyte said its application framework will be available in the first quarter of 2010.  

This should definitely appeal to its current clients like the NBA, VH1, HuffPo, ESPN and Universal Music Group.  It gives them a wider viewer reach which of course means a higher chance at monetization through ads.   And for Kyte the move also expands its business opportunities offering its clients a new set of products.  Since Kyte said the new frameworks are only an extension of its core platform, it shouldn't be hard to get a Android version of their current iPhone apps on a shiny new Motorala Droid.  

What really sets Kyte apart from other OVP's is the fact it supports all sorts of social media integrations.  Instead of simply playing back video, Kyte also offers its clients Twitter integrations enabling audiences to view tweets in real-time.  It also enables RSS feeds, music downloads, custom ad campaigns and a mobile web, all within a custom application.  

Daniel Graf, CEO of Kyte said in a statement, "Our support for Android, Nokia, iPhone and BlackBerry reflects our ongoing commitment to giving brands, organizations and media & entertainment companies the ability to seamlessly deliver interactive social video experiences that reach and engage online and mobile audiences wherever they are."

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