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Exit waiting in line, enter QLess

QLess wants to eliminate the act of standing in line from the face of the earth

Innovation series by Chris Caceres
January 14, 2010
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Imagine if you never had to stand in line again...if every time you showed up somewhere, it was your turn to go.  That's the vision of Alex Backer, founder and CEO of QLess.  

Based out of Southern California, QLess develops a line management platform that lets users input a cell-phone number, and then pings them when it's that users turn to go.  The software is quite advanced: for example, if a user is told they'll be paged in about an hour, that person can go shop around or grab a cub of coffee, etc, and receive a text 15 minutes before their appointment or reservation is met, so they can be sure to be back on time.  

The use cases are quite endless.  The product is a great addition for places like restaurants, salons, government services, theme parks, and many more - basically any place where you stand in line or wait around for services. 

And QLess is starting to get adopted by many of these.  It can already be found in several restaurants including Border Grill in Santa Monica, Ca.  And for all of us who hate sitting around at the DMV, Johnson County's DMV has integrated QLess...if only all of them would adopt it.

This documentary-style segment of Startup Sessions, guided by Backer himself, takes us behind the scenes of what QLess is all about, how the idea was birthed, the startup's business model, and we even check out Border Grill to see how they implement QLess into their restaurant.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Description: QLessTM: The Mobile Queueing, Marketing & CRM Company   The average American spends more than 2 years of her/his life waiting in...

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