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Vidly betting on mobile video

Startup Sessions talks mobile video and plays pinball with Chrys Bader, founder of Vidly

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November 12, 2009
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There certainly isn't a shortage in services to upload videos on the Web.  But there is a shortage in simplicity.  That's where San Francisco-based startup Vidly comes in.  

Vidly is a video sharing site focused solely on Twitter at the moment.  The site started off with the idea of being a Twitpic for video.  Basically enabling users to quickly upload videos onto its site and shoot off tweets across Twitter linking back to the uploaded video.  

It's really simple, and that's what makes it stand out.  The startup recently launched an iPhone 3GS app which lets users shoot a video and post instantly to Twitter.  And with mobile video recording becoming more readily available to everyone, this is a great space to get into.

But beyond Twitter, Vidly is looking further ahead.  On Tuesday, the company launched a brand new feature to its site enabling its users to upload HD video.  As HD video becomes more readily available with pocket sized cameras like the Mino HD, Vidly wanted to make sure the maximum potential of quality was available for its users, whether it be a regular Joe like myself, or some big brand looking to spread their viral videos.  Along with HD, Vidly is working on broadening its reach across social networks.  Soon, users will be able to post to the likes of Facebook, and an upgrade to its iPhone app is also on the way.

Vidly has raised $500,000 in seed funding from Ron Conway and other investors.  It's molding out its business while focusing most of its energies on building the best product it possibly can.

This segment of Startup Sessions will give you an inside look at what's going on over at Vidly and how it fits into the growing space of mobile video.  

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Description: Vidly allows users to share videos on Twitter through their computer, webcam, mobile phone or iPhone.

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