Zynga acquires MyMiniLife

Social gaming acquisition comes days after Zynga amasses 12 million more monthly users

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August 10, 2009
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ZyngaZynga, creator of some of the most popular games on social networking sites like Facebook, just acquired MyMiniLife, a social networking site for the interior designer in everyone.

The acquisition makes perfect sense, as these two companies have much in common.

Founded in 2007, the Palo Alto-based social artistic community MyMiniLife enables users to design and decorate their dream homes, businesses, vacations, and more. Some people have taken the software to brand new heights, creating intensely elaborate fantasy visions.MyMiniLife

Zynga has said very little, so far, as to how MyMiniLife’s staff and technology will be incorporated into Zynga’s.

The young San Francisco-based social gaming company has accrued over $40 million in venture capital funding since its July 2007 founding, and is already showing results with this and other new expansions.

Earlier this week, All Facebook reported on the dazzling success of Zynga as it rocketed past its previous estimate of 60 million monthly active users on Facebook. With the application with the most daily active users on Facebook, the company is now claiming 72 million active users a month, a hefty number attracting other entrepreneurs to the budding field of social gaming.

We previously reported in May about the launching of two gaming studios by Playdom, the creator of the then-number one MySpace application, Mobsters. With the success of that earlier incarnation, Playdom just launched a sequel, Mobsters 2: Vendetta, promising killer missions for users and killer revenue for investors.

Many have lamented the weakness of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace that right now gain most of their revenue from ads, but social gaming and the ability to sell virtual goods for big bucks may alter that dreary situation in a big way. The successes of companies like Zynga and Playdom ensure a bright future for social gaming.

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