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Incubator fund launches 10 new companies at Boulder Investor Day

 Although we haven’t been reporting much fundraising news this week, there hasn’t been much in the tech startup space, late yesterday, TechStars announced it’s launched 10 new companies at its Boulder Investor Day event in Boulder, Colorado.

TechStars, a Boulder, Colorado-based fund, is similar to other incubator programs like Y-Combinator.  Launched in 2007 by investors Brad Feld, David Cohen, David Brown and Jared Polis – the fund invests up to $18,000, ($6,000 per founder) in seed funding to startups, just enough to get them off the ground. 

TechStars works as an organized program in which the selected companies work for three summer months on their products.  The fund provides workspace, server space and mentoring.

Yesterday, TechStars presented its 10 companies to investors in Boulder, Colorado.  527 companies applied for the program and only these were selected.  These are sure companies to be keeping an eye on in the next few months as they move on to bigger and better things.

From the post on TechStars

Everlater makes it simple to beautifully document and remember travel experiences. We enable easy sharing with family and friends by connecting to all major social networks and printing scrapbooks, postcards and photo albums. We also aim to connect people with better travel ideas and information by exploring friends experiences.

Next Big Sound measures the growth and popularity of bands across the major web properties and sells actionable insights around that data to band managers and industry professionals.

Mailana brings your real social network to life - the people you communicate with on a regular basis. By understanding your strong relationships across multiple communication channels, Mailana lets you share what really matters with the people who really matter.

ReTel Technologies helps stores and restaurants optimize their operations and customer experience. ReTel’s system analyzes in-store security camera feeds to uncover, analyze and report on metrics and trends that directly impact the bottom line.

Rezora is the only Software-as-a-Service marketing platform specifically designed for the real estate industry. We enable brokerages and their agents to focus their expertise on what they do best: helping their consumers buy and sell real estate.

SendGrid is an email service that solves the problems faced by companies sending transactional email. We enhance every outgoing email so they are not caught by spam filters and to provide a better understanding after the emails have been delivered such as email clicks and opens.

Spry is insight into software projects. We monitor the tools and services used to develop software, analyze the data in real-time, then produce personalized notifications. This enables managers and developers to make better decisions.

Take Comics brings comics into the on demand age by rapidly transforming the original file formats into cross platform digital media to be sold through their own digital market place. Take has a full end to end solution that focuses on readability and user experience across all devices and requires no additional work or cost on the part of content provides.

TimZon is the easiest way to share visual feedback. By combining audio, video, whiteboard and screen capture it enables companies to establish high quality engagement with their customers while lowering support cost.

Vanilla is open source forum software that is already used to power discussions on hundreds of thousands of sites on the web. With the release of the new and improved Vanilla 2, Vanilla is also moving into the SAAS space with a hosted solution.

And lastly, a very well produced video produced by TechStars documenting the startups and how hard they work.  Don't forget to check out our show Startup Sessions for tales of Silicon Valley startups.


The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 10 "Crunch Time" from Andrew on Vimeo.

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