Netflix integrates Facebook Connect

Chris Caceres · March 24, 2009 · Short URL:

Users can now rate their movies on Netflix, and share with friends on Facebook

 Netflix, has announced today it’s now integrating Facebook Connect into its site.  This will enable users to rate movies, and have these reviews instantly show up on their Facebook walls.   Users can choose whether they want to turn this feature on or off.  

Netflix, is catching on to a trend that is widely spreading across the Internet - connecting your Website with Facebook.  Facebook Connect was launched in December of 2008.  One of the most notable integrations of Connect was CNN's coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, in which they allowed Facebook users to chat while watching live streamed footage of the Inauguration.  Last week, Facebook announced Facebook Connect on the iPhone, which allows Connect functionality on iPhone apps.

Ethan Beard, director of platform marketing at Facebook, explained that, "We think the social features in Facebook Connect provide a tremendous opportunity for Netflix subscribers to share their thoughts and feelings on movies with their friends in the Netflix community and with Facebook's more than 175 million active users."

Here’s the process on how you connect to Facebook via Netflix.  First you activate:

Then you rate a movie:

The ratings then show up on the users Facebook wall:

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