How to not use Facebook Connect

Chris Caceres · January 28, 2009 · Short URL:

LivingSocial lets you login with your Facebook account, with annoying user interface issues, a social networking tool which allows users to share and recommend their favorite things such as books, beer, and movies with one another, Wednesday announced a Facebook Connect integration with its services. 

Washington D.C. based LivingSocial, claims to have 7 million users already.  Back in July of 2008, LivingSocial raised $5 Million in funding from Grotech Ventures.

Now with this integration, one would assume that you could log into LivingSocial simply by logging in with your Facebook account.  Unfortunately, that's not the case.  For every element of LivingSocial - books, albums, movies, restaurants, games, beer, tvshows, slopes, and iPhone - users must grant access to Facebook. 

This slows down the users experience requiring them to click 'Allow' each time they want to access a different area of LivingSocial.

On top of that, LivingSocial overly takes advantage of Connect's marketing tools and ask you each time if you want to send a request to your friends who aren't using LivingSocial yet.  

Facebook Connect, which was launched in December of 2008, is quickly becoming a popular integration for many sites across the web.  It allows users to log into participating sites with their Facebook accounts, and is attempting to become the digital identification standard amongst social sites across the Web.  

This is all well and good. Facebook connect's concept is great! But only when it's not taken overly out of control as you can see from the screen shots above.


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