CNN and Facebook coverage rocked it

Bambi Francisco Roizen · January 20, 2009 · Short URL:

The most novel approach to the inauguration coverage

Of all the coverage, the coverage with the added Facebook commentary was the most novel. Joost ran CBSNews while Hulu ran FoxNews.

But those productions felt like I was watching television (though at slower frames per second) alone. On CNN, it was like watching it there (without having to deal with the cold), or watching it at a bar.  

There was no shortage of places to watch the inauguration live today, as I wrote in preview piece. But the live coverage and commentary rocked it. 

I used to work at CNN and remember the days I had to go out on the streets and get sound bites from the average person. We called them Man on Street commentary. Now, why bother going to them?

Just look to the right of the CNN screen and you'll get them running every second. The comments are not exactly insightful, but they're informative. For example, I caught some threads about Obama being left-handed and how some Americans are proud to be American again.

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