The Vator Box, Episode 1, Part 2: we rate Collage Wikies

Bambi Francisco Roizen · January 27, 2008 · Short URL:

In this, the second part of the first episode of our new series, we rate pitches from two startups that are using the Web to do two very different things.

As in our inaugural show last week, staffers Bambi Francisco and John Shinal are joined by guests Ezra Roizen and Pete Cashmore to rate and debate the video pitches. 

First up, College Wikis, a site founded by two Stanford students designed to help students get answers to mundane but important questions like: is this class taught by a professor from hell? or, what's the better choice in the caf, the burgers or the tofu? 

After that, we'll evaluate Friction TV, the U.K. site that lets users spark debates about everything from taxes to dog grooming by posting a video about the topic. 

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