Ustream’s live video goes to Google Android

Google Android devices get mobile video streaming, iPhone users miss out

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September 18, 2009
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iPhone users were very excited when the iPhone 3G S came out in June. Among many other new updates to Apple’s wildly popular smartphone, the ability to shoot video was one of the biggest. Unfortunately for users of video-enabled iPhones, Apple has taken it upon itself to restrict one of the coolest potential uses of a video-shooting Internet-connected device: live video broadcasting.


Google Android users, on the other hand, will be pleased to hear that today by 9 AM PST, the Android Market will be featuring a new application by Ustream, a mobile streaming application with live broadcasting built right in. The application allows users to view and record streams straight from their mobile phones. Integrated social features, like chat and Twitter functionality, emphasize the application’s focus on sharing.

Ustream’s most interesting sharing capability, of course, is the live streaming feature. While iPhone users can also shoot local video and then upload to various social communities with the Ustream app, the Google Android version of the application enables live streaming for users who want to bring their content live and direct.

Adding insult to injury for iPhone users, this is the second app on the Android Market to enable live streaming. Qik, who also has an iPhone app, has had a live streaming video application available for Android since June.

The main difference between Qik and its new competitor, according to Ustream CEO John Ham, is that UStream is optimized by the use of a low latency connection that prevents any accumulation of lag while broadcasting. Techcrunch reports that, despite experiencing a 3-second lag at times, the delay never got longer.

If the same remains true for customers when the application is released this morning, then Ustream will be prove to be quite the worthy competition for Qik.

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