Seven Yahoo properties overhauled with new designs

Yahoo Sports, Movies, Music, TV, omg!, Games and Weather all get refreshed looks

Technology trends and news by Steven Loeb
August 27, 2013
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In an effort to overhaul its old, stodgy image, Yahoo has been on an updating rampage over the past year, with everything from the Homepage, to Yahoo News to Yahoo Mail getting a refreshed look. So no surprise that the company is doing the same for all the rest of its properties as well.

In fact, as if to just get the rest out of the way all at once, Yahoo has decided to just update seven of its verticals at the same time.

The latest Yahoo properties to be rebranded are Yahoo Sports, Movies, Music, TV, omg!, Games and Weather it was revealed Tuesday. 

So here's what's new:

The update to Yahoo Sports will now make it easier to follow certain different sports in the content stream, and to find content from Yahoo's partners, including NBC Sports. The updated Yahoo Games is meant to make it to both find popular games, and to find new ones. Also updated was the user's game history, so they can find games they can easily find the games that have played recently.

Yahoo Weather, meanwhile, is bringing updates from is mobile app onto the web. That means that desktop users will have access to Flickr photos uploaded by the Yahoo community, "alongside comprehensive weather information — so you can truly experience the weather, not just check it."

As for Movies, Music, TV and omg!, Yahoo says it has "made it simpler to find more entertainment content, including movie trailers, tv episodes and music videos." This included being able to find movie showtimes by theater or movie. They also made the video screens larger, and higher quality.

The new designs and layouts will being to roll out over the next few days.

Yahoo's other updates

Like I said earlier, Yahoo has been updating like its nobody's business recently

That has included Yahoo also updating its Homepage to make it more social and personalized, allowing users to log in via Facebook and see birthday reminders and articles that their friends have read. The homepage was given a mobile update, with optimization for smartphones and tablets.

Also getting updates were Yahoo News to make it more personalized, with the site learning users preferences and personalizing their newsfeed.

Yahoo Mail got its own update as well, with the integration of Dropbox to allow Yahoo users to access their Dropbox right from their inbox.

But, of course, the biggest reveal of all will be when Yahoo reveals its new logo next month.

Yahoo has reinvented itself over the past year, and it obviously wants to leave its old image far, far behind. These changes are largely asthetic, it seems; just redone versions of old properties that makes them more efficient. But, for Yahoo, its seems pretty important to leave no trace of its old self behind.

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