Sports Hackathon

Deadline - August 22, 2020

Design a solution that recreates the power of togetherness for fans, athletes, and teams competing in a sporting event even without the ability to be there in person.

Out of this central challenge emerge a series of important design questions that all teams involved should consider:

  • How can fans cheer differently?

  • How can that cheering be “felt” by the athletes?

  • How can we enhance ghost games for those inside the arena?

  • Can we design ways to not only show support, but to allow fans to heckle, or boo?

  • How can fans sense the presence of each other, and feel together even when apart?

The five winning entries in this Hackathon will get to present their ideas to a panel of top executives in the sports industry (major leagues, teams, and brands).

Location: Global

Criteria: open to all