Ezra partners with RAYUS Radiology to expand nationally

Steven Loeb · April 16, 2024 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/5861

Ezra's AI cancer screening platform will be available in 150 RAYUS locations

Ezra is a company looking to make cancer screenings more widely available and more affordable through a direct-to-consumer cancer screening platform, which uses a combination of MRI screenings and artificial intelligence to make them more accurate cancer.

To do that, the company partners with existing outpatient imaging facilities; the company's cancer screening programs are currently live in over 22 locations across New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Irvine, Miami, and Las Vegas. Now, it will be expanding nationally through a partnership with RAYUS Radiology, a provider of imaging services, which will allow Ezra to expand nationally in 150 RAYUS locations across the country.

Founded in 2017, Ezra's platform uses medical imaging and AI to monitor for possible cancer and over 500 conditions in up to 13 organs. The company offers multiple types of full body scans ranging from $950 to $2,500.

Patient can use Ezra to schedule appointments with a RadNet imaging facility; when they arrive, they are greeted by a member of the Ezra staff at the facility who then guides them through the process. The member gets their scan done and then the results are made available within their Ezra interface. They can also use the platform to schedule a call or a meeting to speak to the Ezra physician to be taken through the results.

This partnership follows Ezra's $21 million funding round in February, in which it declared that it planned to be in over 50 facilities in 20 cities by the end of this year. Currently, Ezra is scanning thousands of people per year, and has helped hundreds of people find cancer so far. 

The company doubled its revenue in 2023, and also received FDA clearance for Ezra Flash AI, enabling the launch of the world's first 30-minute full body MRI scan enhanced by AI.

“More than 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. in 2024, according to the American Cancer Society, and half of them will be diagnosed late. Cancer is most curable when detected early, and our mission at Ezra is to detect cancer early for everyone in the world," Emi Gal, founder and CEO of Ezra, said in a statement. 

"I’m incredibly excited to be working with RAYUS on making Ezra available to more people in the U.S., and look forward to saving lives together."

(Image source: rayusradiology.com)

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Ezra’s mission is to enable early cancer detection for everyone by using Artificial Intelligence and the most advanced medical imaging technology available.


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I’m a tech entrepreneur and software engineer based in New York, currently working on a new startup in the healthcare space called Ezra (in stealth mode).